Your body after baby with a postnatal belly band

29 Apr Your body after baby with a postnatal belly band

After nine months of pregnancy, you get the joy of finally having your baby in your arms. Baby’s little hands, and eyes, and tiny toes, and everything about him is so beautiful. Everything about baby is so pure, and gentle, and when you hold on to baby for the first time, you are able to actually see and hold baby who was a part of you for nine months. This happiness is immeasurable and incomparable! All is great, but what about your body? What about how much the pregnancy and the post-pregnancy have changed your body? So, here is a take on your body after baby with a postnatal belly band.

After giving birth everything changes emotionally and physically for a woman. Rather than focusing on your priorities you have a new life to fend for and care about. In this process it can get a little exhausting and and at times overwhelming. But, your postpartum journey is among the most precious time you spend with your baby. Amidst all the physical and emotional changes you go through, you also want to make sure you get the adequate about of all types of support. While your family is what will support you through the emotional changes a postnatal belly band can help with physical changes.

Your after-baby or postpartum body

It takes some time for the body to fully recover from pregnancy. High levels of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy result in loosening of ligaments along with increase in the size of the uterus. After delivering baby, it still takes at least six to eight weeks for just the uterus to go back to its normal size. The belly doesn’t flatten immediately after delivery and your postnatal belly could be noticeable even months after delivery. Pregnancy also highly affects the mother’s posture, increase in the size of the breasts and the convex shaped abdomen give some pressure to the back, resulting in a curvature of the mother’s back. In other words your boy needs a lot of physical support and binding products like a postnatal belly band are designed to ease the postnatal period.

Furthermore, during pregnancy, there is a significant increment in the metabolism rate of the body. This high metabolism rate is said to drop only after a few weeks after delivery. If the mother is breastfeeding, her metabolism rate remains high until she stops breastfeeding. But, while breastfeeding some mothers may adopt a posture which strains their back. And improper posture can further exacerbate postnatal back pains. So, a product like a postnatal belly band is ideal for posture correction and support through it all.

Postnatal belly bands for your postnatal body

Postpartum abdomen support can help a new moms to cope up with their postnatal body. Postnatal belly bands are extremely helpful in giving a gentle compression to the uterus so that it returns to its usual size. These also help in improving the postnatal posture and giving relief to the lower back. Even issues like ligament laxity is addressed by a well designed postnatal belly band.

What is important to remember is that the postnatal stage can be tough too. Women get so excited about having their baby that they forget about how their lives are still not normal even after the delivery. While you baby might be the center of you universe right after giving birth, child birth is physically strenuous and your body also needs support during recovery. Your postnatal body will soon change and your body will go back to being normal, but postnatal belly bands can help you do these sooner!

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