Why Babywearing is the Solution for this Parenting Pet Peeve

Toddler babywearing

18 Dec Why Babywearing is the Solution for this Parenting Pet Peeve

Picking up after a mischievous toddler can be tiring.

A baby brings tremendous joy and bit of mischief into the house. A mischievous toddler in particular can result in lots of parenting pet peeves. Once your baby is an adult those mischief stories are fun to look back and rekindle. But, when baby is going around the house with stuff found in the trash or playing with dirt at the park instead of enjoying the slides, it can be frustrating. Okay, I admit it can be a little endearing at times as well. Regardless, let’s find out why babywearing is the solution for this parenting pet peeve.

Before we get into details let’s clarify that the reason why we’re focusing on toddlers, it is because infants are not able to move around as easily. A toddler is curious and examines everything around them. This is their learning curve so you should allow your toddler to explore all the objects and areas around them to foster a healthy environment. So, how do you stop your little angel from growing as a person? You don’t.

Long story short, babywearing is the solution, as this will allow your toddler to learn from the area around them without the mischief. It is no secret that babywearing helps with the emotional well-being of your little munchkin. The purpose is not to take toddlerhood away from your little angel, but rather to keep them in a secure and nurturing environment while you can. When you are babywearing, your toddler has access to the following:

  • Environment around mom and dad: As you engage in babywearing, your little angel gets to watch you as you perform chores and has access to areas they wouldn’t normally be at otherwise. This allows baby to observe different things and expands their horizons.
  • Security and warmth: Though toddlers have the ability to communicate their thoughts, they are still growing as individuals. Babywearing provides toddlers with the security and warmth of their parent and helps with their emotional well-being.
  • Bonding between parent and baby: Above all, babywearing allows parents to bond with baby. There is no such thing as too much time with baby and babywearing lets the busiest can go on with their tasks while also bonding with baby.

Let your little munchkin learn by observing your surrounding, in the process get to bond with your toddler and get to know more mushy things about them. Not a bad tradeoff ring? With the holidays right around the corner indulge in a ring sling to start babywearing now.

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