When to stop using your Postnatal Belly Band: Product life

Postnatal Belly Band Product Life

08 Feb When to stop using your Postnatal Belly Band: Product life

Postnatal belly bands have been in use for centuries. They have evolved from a mere binding cloth for postnatal recovery to well designed and sophisticated postnatal belly bands. These postnatal belly bands are a an effective way to lose your postpartum belly fat while getting physical support during postnatal recovery. The features of each belly band is different and understanding what affects the product life of a product will help you make an informed purchase. Let’s assess when to stop using your postnatal belly band: product life.

Postnatal belly bands are designed to provide: compression, pressure and support.

  • Compression helps the stretchy skin and weak muscles of your abdomen to become firm and strong again.
  • Pressure helps to make the uterus contractions less painful and improves the blood circulation.
  • Support helps to maintain good posture by helping the curved spine to get back to its initial position.

But, just like any product there will be a time when your product will succumb to the wear and tear. Factors that decrease the effectiveness of your postnatal belly band include:

  • Daily wear and tear: As your waistline slims, your postnatal belly band will have to be adjusted accordingly. With prolonged use, the intensity of compression and pressure it provides will decrease.
  • Deformed structure: If not washed delicately the structure of your postnatal belly band could go limp. A limp belly band is useless as proper back support is extremely important to maintain proper posture.

Yes, your postnatal belly band has a product life but there are ones that last longer than other. You need to identify the one that is most suitable out the of the lot for an enjoyable and extended experience with your postnatal belly band. If the above conditions apply to your postnatal belly band, then it’s time to invest in an adequate postnatal belly band.

(The Mamaway postnatal belly band is known to be a well designed postpartum support band with an extended product life and it is great!)

Helpful tip: Opt for a postnatal belly band that has additional strapping so that the intensity of pressure is never compromised. Make sure your postnatal belly band has a rigid enough structure that does not deform wash after wash.


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