When can I start wearing a Maternity Support Belt?

When can I start wearing a Maternity Support Belt-

20 May When can I start wearing a Maternity Support Belt?

Maternity support belt are great because they not only helps you with your unbearable back pain but also helps you correct your body posture, look good and put together in clothes. The benefits don’t end there, they are comfortable, flexible (you can stretch or function as you want) affordable, accessible and effective. To top it off it also protects abdominal muscles from overstretching while supporting your back and pelvic floor. So, you might be wondering, when can I start wearing a maternity support belt?

After hearing about the benefits you’re probably interested in owning a maternity support belt but not sure when you should start wearing one. Getting a product and deciding when to start wearing it or who you should you consult before wearing it or what precaution or conditions should you consider before using it is a whole different ball game altogether. But, before you even get to that point it’s important to get a well-designed maternity support belt.

Wearing a maternity support belt is your decision but wearing it correctly is a compulsion. There are conditions like uterus scar, threats of miscarriage during the second and third trimester, fetal drops and multiple pregnancy, oversized uterus, low-lying placenta and supporting your fetus into right position in which wearing a maternity support belt is recommended.

But, there are other situations where wearing a maternity support belt is advised but not mandatory. These include:

  1. Consecutive pregnancy: When you have consecutive pregnancy you abdominal muscles stretch intensely and rapidly. This is when they could use the support of a maternity support belt.
  2. Latter stages of pregnancy: During the advanced stages of pregnancy a maternity support belt helps to maintain good posture as your increasing weight shifts your center of gravity.
  3. Activity: Engaging in physical exercises and household chores with a baby bump can be extra strenuous. This why support in the form of a maternity support belt is perfect.
  4. Back health: When the spine is curved because of your pregnancy, degenerative disc disease or any other back spine related problems can be triggered. This is often a posture issue which can be corrected with the use of a maternity support belt.

Wear a Maternity Support belt whenever you feel comfortable or when you just feel like wearing it. However, there is an exception as you should not wear a maternity support belt if you have an identified case of fetus malposition.

Get a maternity support belt that fits you and start wearing it through your pregnancy and if you get a good one it can even provide required support during your postnatal period. If you have conditions like uterus scars, fetal hydrops or oversized uterus, you should consult a doctor regarding recommended use. 

You may feel discomfort initially but it will subside. In case there it doesn’t stop being uncomfortable then discontinue use. You should always consult with your doctor before using maternity support belt for assurance. Understand your product and be prepared for a comfortable pregnancy!

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