What if your baby does not like babywearing?

baby does not like being worn

08 Apr What if your baby does not like babywearing?

Babywearing is a practical and beneficial solution for parents. Baby can benefit a lot and parents can bond with their little one while they engage in important chores. But, what if your baby does not like babywearing? It can be a nightmare if your baby does not like being worn and there can be many reasons why your baby is not liking being worn.

  1. Many babies don’t like babywearing and don’t like being worn when it is new to them. Like everything else practice makes perfect applies to babywearing as well. So the best solution is to familiarize yourself with babywearing. Parents can start by practicing babywearing on teddy bears for a while so they can learn how do the motions smoothly, quickly and confidently. Then they can ensure at least the initial parts of babywearing is taken care of and slowly let baby get used to babywearing.
  2. Many babies don’t like babywearing when they are forced into it when they’re not having a good day or a day when they are dry, and clean, and rested, and fed, and cuddly. Alternatively, if parents try babywearing when baby is in a cheerful mood it could change the course of their babywearing journey.
  3. Babies do not like babywearing when the baby carrier is too loose, or not adjusted comfortably enough by the parents. This forces baby in an awkward position and they react by expressing displeasure in babywearing. Using your baby carrier tightly will make sure baby is secure and has a cozy and enjoyable babywearing experience.
  4. Many babies don’t like babywearing because they dislike the process of getting into the carrier, but are happy once it is all done and they are comfortable. So parents need to equip themselves with proper babywearing steps and familiarize themselves with their carrier.

After easing babies into babywearing they soon find that babywearing means that they get to explore their parent’s world comfortably. After multiple attempts baby will start to appreciate the closeness with parents and the ability to see beyond their area, particularly babies that are too young to move on their own. Don’t be dejected if baby does not like being worn, baby will likely start embracing the fun part of babywearing, and become patient with the process.

If your baby does not like babywearing, you will be able change that. If your baby is constantly unhappy about babywearing, chances are there is something about the process that is making baby uncomfortable. Keep trying! This will help you identify what works and what does not work with your bundle of joy.

Just give it another week or another month tops, and you’ll surely have a baby that loves to be worn and snuggled!! And then you’ll be happy you got your baby carrier.

Linda Voon
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