Top 7 Reasons to get a Baby Ring Sling

reasons to get ring sling

09 Oct Top 7 Reasons to get a Baby Ring Sling

Being a parent is a boon and each milestone in your child’s life is something to cherish. Parents often share that the initial years are the toughest and the most enjoyable experience. These are also the years when a child is entirely dependent on parental support and care. The Baby Ring Sling is an increasing babywearing trend that allows parents to maintain the much-needed personal touch with their babies or toddlers. Here are top 7 reasons to get a baby ring sling:

  1. Fit for all parents: Mommy and Daddy can both enjoy a personal touch with their child through a baby ring sling.
  2. Hands-free parenting: Mommy and Daddy can run errands while their baby is safely strapped next to them.
  3. Size and storage: Unlike strollers and molded baby carriers, the baby ring sling is light, portable, take no time to set up, very handy for when you’re on the go.
  4. Comfort and closeness: It can be challenging for parents to carry their child and get on with running daily errands. With a baby ring sling babies and toddlers can be constantly held in a comfortable and secure way. They’re also using their muscles more when they’re sitting up right, assisting with their physical development.
  5. Healthy upbringing: Studies indicate that babies and toddlers that are held more tend to cry less because they are secured in the arms of their parents.
  6. Bonding: Mommy and daddy can use baby ring slings to enjoy prolong interaction with babies or toddlers at eye level. Studies indicate that babies and toddlers are more interactive when adults are at eye level and less intimidating, assisting with their social development.
  7. Exploration for babies: Being strapped around a parent means that a baby can observe the environment around them and not just the range of view where they lie down. Studies show that this promotes advanced neurological development.

Baby ring slings are practical and promotes bonding between parent and child. It’s important to choose a ring sling that provides adequate support to the shoulder and back, and ensures the safety and comfort of parent and child.

Linda Voon
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