The difference between a postnatal belly band and a maternity support belt

01 Jul The difference between a postnatal belly band and a maternity support belt

A woman’s body requires maximum support during and after pregnancy to cope with the different changes her body goes through to make it suitable for delivery. During pregnancy, increasing baby bump and hormonal changes cause a number of discomforts. After pregnancy, the body has to adjust to function normally, without a baby bump and with normal secretion of hormones. For both of these phases, getting good support is a must. But, with all the different products and promises out there, what exactly is the difference between a postnatal belly band and a maternity support belt?

Maternity support belt

A maternity support belt is a belt, usually designed to wear over top of your clothes, and is intended to give a significant support to the belly weight. It can be worn underneath your clothes so that you can fit into your favorite jeans comfortably. The main function of a maternity support belt is to help maintain the center of gravity in your body by evenly distributing the weight of your increasing baby bump.

Postnatal belly band

A postnatal belly band is a band considered specifically to support the back and the hips by giving them a light pressure. These makers of these products understand that postnatal women are not interested in flashing their postnatal belly band. So, a well-designed postnatal belly band is designed to be worn under the clothes and have thin fabric that covers a wider area. It mainly provides support to the the back and the hips while helping your body hold-up the postnatal tummy fat.

What makes maternity support belts different from postnatal belly bands?

Support and coverage: The main difference between the two is that maternity support belts focus on distributing your maternity weight whereas postnatal belly bands focus supporting your back and hips by tightening your core muscles. This is mainly because of the purpose of these two products. Maternity support belts usually cover a little area but give enough pressure to hold the baby bump whereas postnatal belly bands usually cover a wide area but give little pressure which is enough only to support the back and the hips.

Exercising: Postnatal belly bands can be used by most postnatal women (unless mentioned by the doctor). But they also great for women who experience discomfort during the first month after delivery. Apart from this purpose, many women exercise with postnatal belly bands in order to get back into their pre-pregnancy body. Maternity support belts also support pregnant women exercising but in a different manner. Maternity support belts support the baby bump, rather than covering the belly, so that women can comfortably keep up with their fitness even during pregnancy. Though the maternity support belt and postnatal belly bands have different purposes they both make exercising easier.

So, maternity support belts and postnatal belly bands are different because they are designed for different purposes. But, they are both work towards providing your body the required support during different stages of your maternity journey.  For a comfortable and more convenient pregnancy and early motherhood, maternity support belts and postnatal belly bands are both recommended. So, strap on your relevant support belt and enjoy your maternity journey!

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