Symphysis Pubis Pain and Maternity Support Belt

symphysis pubis pain and maternity support belt

10 Jun Symphysis Pubis Pain and Maternity Support Belt

Women face a number of changes that cause discomfort and pain during and after pregnancy. Some types of pain are relieved right after delivery, whereas some last for months and even occasionally years. One of the most discussed dysfunctions during pregnancy and that sometimes stretches to or emerges during the postnatal stages is symphysis pubis pain. This is why alleviating symphysis pubis pain and maternity support belt can be closely related.

What is symphysis pubis?

The symphysis pubis is a joint that connects the left and right pubic bones. It plays an important role in supporting the weight and movement of the body. It is a stiff joint and is almost immovable. Instability of the symphysis pubis joint results in sharp excruciating pain in the pelvic girdle.

Further explaining symphysis pubis pain

Relaxin is a hormone produced in large amounts during pregnancy that loosens joints, muscles and ligaments. Since this process prepares the to-be-mother’s body for delivery, it is extremely important so that the baby has enough space and is born healthy. The production of relaxin affects the symphysis pubis making it flexible and soft which results in an agonizing pain in the pelvic girdle.

With a growing baby bump, increasing joint flexibility and more production of hormones, pregnancy and postnatal soreness and uneasiness cannot be avoided completely. However, this can be eliminated to a great extent with the help of a maternity support belt.

How does a maternity support belt ease symphysis pubis pain?

Maternity support belts are recommended by doctors and physical therapists for almost all sorts of pregnancy discomforts. For symphysis pubis pain, the same is recommended.

An external gentle compression is provided by a maternity support belt. This moderate force supplied helps in stabilizing the symphysis pubis joint. Since the pain is caused by too much movement or pre-timed movement of the joint, a maternity support belt makes sure that the joint can move only to a point that is required for the pregnant body. For women who experience this pain even after delivery, maternity support belts are highly recommended.

Apart from using maternity support belts, symphysis pubis pain can be relieved to some amount by a few lifestyle modifications. Follow a workout routine with kegal and pelvic tilt exercises, or follow a few yoga positions especially for treating symphysis pubis pain. Getting physical therapy or massages could be expensive but they work well with decreasing the pain and discomfort. Get a lifestyle modification along with a maternity support belt and make your pregnancy and postnatal journey less painful!

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