Sleeping with a Postnatal Belly Band

Postnatal belly band & Sleeping

25 Apr Sleeping with a Postnatal Belly Band

During pregnancy, every woman looks forward to delivery date; partly because of the happiness of getting a new-born, partly because of getting relief of the pregnancy pain. Finally after the baby’s delivery, new moms think it’s time to rest, but then starts the postnatal stage. While some women breeze through it, to some the postnatal period brings insomnia and back pain, along with the stress of having to get back into their prenatal bodies. A postnatal belly band is a boon and can help you breeze through much of your postpartum period, but what about sleeping with a postnatal belly band?

The woman’s body is still fragile during postpartum period and any strong painkillers might result in various side effects, particularly if you’re nursing. The best way to cope up with physical postnatal discomforts like back pain is to use a postnatal belly band designed to improve your postnatal experience. With various postnatal belly band available choosing the right one could be a little confusing but with the right one dealing with these problems is now easy!

Using a postnatal belly band during your postpartum period

Abdominal binding provides great support for women who go through vaginal delivery or c-section. These help in supporting the lower back, giving maximum comfort to women and helping them through postnatal insomnia. Postnatal belly bands also help in adjusting the posture and help postnatal women get back in shape by tightening their muscles. 

Many women share their post-pregnancy weight loss stories, which include exercise, rest, healthy food and postnatal belly bands. Some claim that these postnatal belly bands are uncomfortable, while most are glad they choose support during recovery. The most curious ones are usually the present pregnant mothers who keep researching about postnatal belly bands to use after delivery. While some that are already using a postnatal belly band are concerned about whether or not postnatal belly bands are okay to use while they’re sleeping.

So… is it okay to use belly bands while sleeping?

A good postnatal belly band is designed so that you can use it 24/7. Women in the past used to use homemade wraps for months after delivery, even during sleeping. No complications are seen in women who opt to use a postnatal belly band while sleeping. Most women who use a postnatal belly band use it for a minimum of 40 days all day and night. Some say they feel uncomfortable wearing binders at night, but others insist that trying for a few days will give you a good night’s sleep with no back pain.

Using a postnatal belly band while sleeping has a positive effect on moms who go through postnatal insomnia as well. Furthermore, a postnatal belly band will ease back pain, and alleviate abdominal difficulty. The only thing that can keep you up at night now is your baby… Tell your husband to keep an eye on baby during the night and get your necessary sleep in comfort with a postnatal belly band!

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