Shoe Laces and Ring Slings

Shoe Laces and Ring Slings

01 Feb Shoe Laces and Ring Slings

While trying something new there is always a sense of excitement and anxiety. As humans we like to engage in things we are accustomed to and comfortable with. When you are young, there is so much that is new and you are constantly learning and embracing new ideas. But, as we age somewhere we start growing a sense of comfort with a few lifestyle choices. Then all of a sudden when you have a baby you are back to learning new things again. The first time you tried tying your shoe lace, most likely you struggled, it is only after you tried a few times that you got comfortable with the idea. So, there is a connection between shoe laces and ring slings.

Once you welcome you little one into your lives, there are a lot of things you need to consider. From details like the clothes baby will wear to how you will manage stepping outside the house with baby. As a parent you are deciding how to make you little munchkin comfortable in this journey, your little one is at a stage where they are constantly learning and embracing new ideas. Trying a ring sling for babywearing is like learning how to tie your shoe lace, the first couple of times might be a little intimidating.

But, you should use a ring sling and look beyond the initial apprehensions because babywearing with a ring sling is an ideal carrier option for baby and parent for the following reasons:

  • Parent: You can watch your baby and their cuteness and you have free hands to go on with your business. Plus you can stop worrying about storing cumbersome carriers.
  • Baby: Can enjoy the comfort of their parent being close to a parent’s heartbeat feeling a sense of security and comfort. Plus baby can see the world around their parents, learn and absorb more ideas.

While babywearing and ring slings might not appear as something as important as learning how to tie your shoe lace in life, it is something that has great benefits. Let’s face it there are lots of baby carries available in the market to choose from and the type of baby carrier is a parent’s decision. However, each decision while parenting is a decision based on the following for both parent and baby:

  • comfort
  • practicality
  • benefits

Babywearing with a ring sling will provide all of the above. So, before you discount the idea of using a ring sling, just because it looks intimidating, remind yourself of the time you first tried tying a shoe lace. Yes, it was tough at first but soon after it was intuitive and easy. Similarly, babywearing will take a few tries to figure it out and once you’re accustomed, there is no looking back. To top it off, babywearing and cloth slings have been a part of human history for centuries, perhaps more than shoe laces, it speaks volumes regarding its practicality.

Being a parent you will get the opportunity to engage in a lot of new things and gain a new set of experiences. Parenting is an opportunity to allow yourself to embrace options that will strengthen the bond between you and your baby, and a ring sling is one of those opportunities. Tying a shoe lace and tying a ring sling are both skills that are initially intimidating but extremely easy and rewarding in the long run. Get a ring sling and enjoy the thrill of something new and rewarding during your journey with baby.

Linda Voon
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