Sharing your ring sling

Sharing a ring sling

06 May Sharing your ring sling

Babywearing has been in practice for centuries. In old times, mothers used to carry around their babies using a piece of cloth wrapped around them. Today, there are modern variations like ring slings available in the market that are ergonomic and designed with required safety measures. Two things have changed from the old days to today- one, there are multiple babywearing brands that sell baby carriers and it can be tough to choose; two, the mothers aren’t the only one who engage in babywearing. So, sharing your ring sling is a practical and economical decision.

Dad, mom, grandparents and beyond can enjoy babywearing

While new moms or dads might enjoy babywearing, it’s nice to switch it around a little. Your husband, your parents, your friends, your family, anyone can engage in babywearing with your little munchkin. All you need to do is to search for the perfect carrier for sharing. This requires a baby carrier like a ring sling that can be used by all sizes of people. The carrier you choose should be one-size-fits-all so that the carrier can fit into body of anyone that chooses to engage in babywearing. A ring sling is a great choice because it fits all and a well-designed one can be used with a baby until they’re a toddler so you get your money’s worth in all ways.

Men and baby carriers

Men may have different preferences for baby carriers. Apart comfort and color preferences in baby carriers, what men really want is an enjoyable babywearing experience with their little angel. If you’re planning to buy a different carrier for your husband, it is not the best decision as these carriers can be a little pricy. So, sharing a baby carrier is a practical and economical solution. If you’re planning to share a carrier with your husband, a ring sling is great.

Why Ring Slings?

This is because ring slings are easily adjustable and easy to use in general. It is a one-size-fits-all carrier which ensures that you and your husband can both easily engage in babywearing. Ring slings are also super easy to slip on and off, and they are very comfortable for the person who’s babywearing and for baby!

Choosing a baby carrier is an investment so make that decision wisely based on your requirements and what is available. The best part about ring slings is that they are adjustable. For example, if you gain some postpartum weight, you can use your ring sling even after you get your pre-pregnancy body back. Plus, even members of your family and friends can lend a hand and try babywearing your baby with your ring sling.

More importantly sharing a baby carrier with your husband is a practical and economical decision. This is why ring slings are a great baby carrier option. Start sharing your babywearing experience with your husband or other members of the family. This is such an easy task now that you can get a carrier that fits everyone. Get a ring sling and let baby bond with both mommy and daddy!

Linda Voon
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