Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Maternity Support Belt

Sacroiliac joint pain and maternity support belt

08 Jun Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Maternity Support Belt

Women go through a number of changes which cause different types of soreness. One of the most familiar types of pain a pregnant woman experiences is sacroiliac joint dysfunction, more commonly known as SI joint pain. This is experienced as a result of different changes the to-be-mother goes through in order to make her body suitable for the delivery. Sacroiliac join pain and maternity support belt can go hand in hand.

Things you should know about the sacroiliac joint

The sacroiliac joint lies right above the tailbone and acts as a bridge between the sacrum and the pelvis. Even though it is small and does not have much motion, it is responsible of transmitting all the forces of the upper body to the pelvis and legs. It is one of the stiffest joint in the human body, but during pregnancy, it becomes flexible and softer, resulting in sacroiliac joint pain.

What exactly is sacroiliac joint pain?

During pregnancy, the to-be-mother goes through a number of mechanical, physical and hormonal changes. One of the most significant changes a pregnant woman experiences is increase in the release of a hormone called relaxin. The sacroiliac joint becomes flexible and soft during the secretion of this hormone. It is an extremely important step, during pregnancy, in order to make enough room for the baby. The movement of the sacroiliac joint results in a sharp pain in the lower back, the hip and the groin area, which is called the sacroiliac joint pain.

Easing the pain with a maternity support belt

The sacroiliac joint pain is caused because of hyper-mobility of the sacroiliac joint making it loose and less stable. To ease this pain, using a maternity support belt is the best option. A maternity support belt gives enough support and comfort to the lower back, hip and the groin area in order to stabilize the joint. Even though it might not be able to eliminate the pain entirely, it will make sure that maximum support is provided to ease the pain.

The baby will not sufficient space if the sacroiliac joint does not move. So, the SI joint pain cannot be prevented, but it can be relieved to some extent with the help of a maternity support belt. Even doctors recommend maternity support belts to all pregnant women who experience this sort of pain.

Along with using a maternity support belt, there are a couple of other ways to reduce sacroiliac joint pain. Try maintaining proper posture while sitting down, together with avoiding standing up for longer periods. Support your legs with pillows in order to ensure comfort while lying down. Avoid heavy exercises, and take plenty of rest. Ease your pregnancy journey with a maternity support belt and a few other tips!

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