A baby ring sling and an airplane

18 Apr A baby ring sling and an airplane

A ring sling can be a convenient, hands-free way to navigate around an airport and airplane. It allows for easy nursing and feeding, keeps little ones close and safe, and saves the stress of toddlers running off in the sometimes chaotic environment of an airport. Here are some reasons why a ring sling and airplanes are a great combination for parents.

Travelling with your bundle of joy can seem lot more tough than it really is. Particularly when you are travelling alone with your baby,  your luggage and a lot more to manage. So, wearing a ring sling to carry your baby can be the most practical option in every situation.

Here are few reasons why using a ring sling ton an airplane is (arguably) the best option you have.

Easy to feed in

Travelling with a little one means you have to cater to their needs. When you have a small baby (up to 1 yrs old) they require extra care and frequent breast feeding. With a ring sling you can feed your baby easily and provide proper attention.

Quick and compact

Using a ring sling can be extremely helpful to get around the airport with baby and luggage. For security and boarding you can easily remove and wear your ring sling. Ring slings are the opposite of cumbersome and is great because the last thing you want while travelling is excess baggage.Plus when you’re in the airplane you don’t have to worry about storing your baby carrier with a ring sling. So, it is important to choose an appropriate babywearing product.

It is safe

An airport or airplane is probably the last place that you want your baby running off. Thus, in an inevitably chaotic environment of the airport you want to keep your baby close and safe. Ring sling do that by keeping baby close to you at all times. With a ring sling you can even take a quick nap knowing that your baby is safely attached to you.

However, you must consider how much room you have available in your carry on, pack a baby carrier that you are comfortable using, and the airlines rules about babywearing. If you are comfortable with the baby wearing, it can be convenient, hands-free way to navigate through an airport and airplane. It allows for easy nursing and feeding, keeps your baby close and safe, and makes it easier to travel in general.

With all this in mind, who wouldn’t want a comfort filled ring sling adventure with baby while travelling!

Linda Voon
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