Reasons why you should use a maternity and nursing bra without underwire

Reasons why you should use a seamless maternity and nursing bra

13 Jun Reasons why you should use a maternity and nursing bra without underwire

Women go through plenty of discomfort and pain during pregnancy and postnatal stages. Pregnancy and early motherhood is considered tough with very few ways to relieve the uneasiness and soreness caused by the different changes a woman’s body experiences during these times. Whereas maternity support belts are recommended for the lower abdomen, lower back and hip, maternity and nursing bras are recommended for breasts. So, here is a take on reasons why you should use a maternity and nursing bra without underwire.

Maternity and nursing bras

A maternity bra is a type of bra that provides full breasts support during pregnancy. The sensitive and growing breasts require better care and support during this time, and a maternity bra is best for providing maximum comfort. A nursing bra is a type of bra for lactating women. The bra’s specific structure and design allows women to breastfeed their babies without removing it. This bra is best for making breastfeeding easier and more convenient.

You may choose a separate maternity bra and nursing bra, or you may choose a bra that works as both. Whichever you choose, doctors normally recommend maternity and nursing bras without underwire. Here is a list of reasons why you should use a maternity and nursing bra without underwire:

Difficult with growing breasts

Since your breasts cups increase by a significant two sizes, having an underwire maternity and nursing bra of the wrong size can cause milk ducts to clog. A maternity and nursing bra without an underwire is usually flexible and is great even if your breasts increase by a size.

Uncomfortable for most women

The purpose of using maternity and nursing bras is to give your breasts enough comfort and support. Bras with underwire are usually uncomfortable and may cause blisters for to-be and new mothers because your breasts are sensitive at the time.

Pressure on the ribcage

Wearing underwire bras when your breast cups have increased by two sizes means wearing a tight supportive bra. This puts a lot of pressure on your bones and muscles which may cause chest pain, and even breathing problems.

Made of plastic coated metals

The underwire of a bra is made of plastic coated metals. Any metal that is constantly in direct contact of the human skin can cause numerous problems ranging from skin diseases to affecting human reflexes. To avoid these problems, it is best that you avoid using a maternity and nursing bra with underwire.

With all these problems that underwire bras can cause to pregnant women and new mothers, avoiding bras with underwire is the best suggestion. Don’t let an underwire hinder the joy of your pregnancy and motherhood. Get a maternity bra and a nursing bra, both without an underwire, to guarantee the ease and support of the bra during and after pregnancy.

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