[Product Testimonial] MAMAWAY NURSING BRA

22 Feb [Product Testimonial] MAMAWAY NURSING BRA

Testimonial: Mamaway Nursing Bra


A good nursing bra is essential to effective nursing. I have worn my fair share of them as I am currently nursing baby number two. There are many different types ranging from daytime ones to nighttime ones, underwire, no underwire, padding, no padding and all having pros and cons.

This review is for the Mamaway Far Infrared Crossover Sleeping nursing bra in Lilac color. I received this item discounted in exchange for my honest review and my opinion reflects only my own thoughts. As I am currently nursing, the bra has also been worn a few times prior to this being written.

For starters, this is my second Mamaway bra and after my experience with my first one, I decided to order down from an XL to a large (even though the measuring chart has me at an XL). I was very pleased with that move as this bra fit me better in the cup size, thus creating more support.

It’s important to remember that this is a SLEEP bra designed for both comfort and functionality. This bra is made primarily of a super soft polyester with some added spandex that makes it stretchy to grow as your breasts are both filling and emptying. It has a crossover v-neck design that comes far across either breast in the front but also nice and low on the back. The panels easily pull back allowing a quick and simple feeding. I love how soft this is because I always want to make sure my baby is snuggling up against something soft.

These bras are made with some far infrared technology that is supposed to boost blood circulation to aide in milk production. I have had a decent milk supply thus far so it is difficult for me to attest on this area.

This bra is made for sleeping but I did end up wearing it under my clothes outside of the house. I am really satisfied with how it wears at night. Soft and simple, there are closures on the back to adjust the size so that it can grow with me!

For a sleeping bra, I like this better than what I purchased at Target and it appears to be of nicer quality. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for night nursing bra. Katie, USA.

Linda Voon
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