[Product Testimonial] IT’S MY VERY FIRST EVER SLING

02 Feb [Product Testimonial] IT’S MY VERY FIRST EVER SLING

I was sooooo excited when I realized there was a Mamaway babysling in a package that arrived for me; I literally did jump up and down in the kitchen.

Mamaway baby sling my very first ever baby sling….

The gorgeous colours hit me first off, nice for me to wear nice for my little boy to wear. The video being demo was straight forward and after a couple of go’s with a doll I attempted it with the baby.

Few tricky starts but now we are pro’s! The cherub loves being close especially in this Melbourne winter, and loves being able to see and be eye level with all the people he likes to wave at! Brilliant, love love love it. –Kerry, Australia.

Linda Voon
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