Postnatal Belly Bands are a boon or a bane?

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04 Mar Postnatal Belly Bands are a boon or a bane?

Pregnancy changes your body in many ways and often women complain that unless they take charge, the postnatal body can remain unchanged for years. Whether you went through a caesarian or vaginal delivery, the fact is pregnancy makes your body goes through a number of changes. These changes include: back pain, bad posture, abdominal discomfort, all of which point towards body shaming and low self-confidence. Though body shaming and lack of confidence need not be the case, a lot of women feel this way. To get women through this phase after pregnancy, many recommend postpartum belly bands. So this piece will address whether postnatal belly bands are a boon or a bane.

The uterus remains enlarged for about six weeks after delivery, but with the help of belly bands for postnatal stages, this time can be significantly decreased. Especially after C-section, women experience higher levels of back pain, bad posture and abdominal discomfort. The compression of the abdomen can help with support while postpartum women recover and return to their pre-pregnancy body. The idea of belly binding has been in use for centuries and postnatal belly bands are an evolved and improved version of the concept. Studies recommend postnatal belly bands along with proper rest, some good exercise and healthy diet for best results for postnatal body recovery. Postnatal belly bands are believed to give extra support to help women continue normal activities before long. Along with bettering one’s posture and body shape, bands also help to cope with the post-surgery soreness and uneasiness after c-sections.

However, postnatal belly bands are never a substitute to rest and slight physical activity during the postnatal period. Postnatal belly bands are a great complement to rest and basic physical activity. These products are designed to help women get back to their pre natal body. The only bane about an effective postnatal belly band is that it can be a little pricey but it is an essential investment. But, a good postnatal belly band can go a long way. Getting a postnatal belly band is an investment and the right one can go a long way, even beyond the postnatal period. Make sure you get the right postnatal belly band because it is not free size (i.e. one size does not fit all).

There is a lot of debate over a postnatal belly binding and postnatal belly band and a wrap are among the popular products, it is best to make sure you get the most suitable equipment for postnatal recovery. A postnatal belly band is a bane because it provides postnatal support along with extra comfort and the right amount of compression for the abdomen. Get the right postnatal belly band to ensure that is an investment and it will end up being the biggest boon in your postnatal life (apart from baby, of course)!

Linda Voon
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