Postnatal Belly Band vs. Belly Wrap

belly band vs. wrap

16 Dec Postnatal Belly Band vs. Belly Wrap

Belly binding after pregnancy is a popular practice among woman in many parts of the world. Earlier, women used a long piece of cloth to bind their postnatal belly fat, to help with recovery and to get back in shape.

According to research, belly binding is effective in helping you get back in shape post pregnancy. Today the long cloth used centuries ago has evolved into various products that claim to offer something different.

We have compared the postnatal belly band and the postnatal belly wrap to help you decide between the two.

Postnatal belly wrap:

A postnatal belly wrap is a pre-evolutionary version of a belly band. It simply uses a soft fabric to bind your belly fat.

What is unique about a postnatal belly wrap?

A postnatal belly wrap boasts one quality that a belly band doesn’t: limp fabric. As a result, it is cheaper than a belly band but the fabric does not offer required support.

What makes a postnatal belly band different from a belly wrap?

The following qualities of a postnatal belly band make it a superior form of the belly wrap.

  • Fabric: The fabric of a postnatal belly band is firmer than that of a belly wrap. This gives your body the required support during recovery and helps tighten your weak abdominal muscles faster.
  • Strapping: A postnatal belly band with additional straps reinforce support o required areas. This lets you to give extra support to the required parts and helps you to get back to shape faster.
  • Triple compression: Some postnatal belly bands use a triple compression technique that makes your uterus shrink faster while strengthening the pelvic muscles stronger.
  • Additional features: A few postnatal belly bands have additional features like infer-red that helps you to quicken recovery and get back to shape faster. The infra-red improves your blood circulation which improves other bodily functions
  • Structure: A durable postantal belly band has a firm structure that does not change after washing. Also, it has a rigid enough structure to support your back and flexible enough to let you move comfortably.

Although a postnatal belly band is pricy its features outweigh a belly wrap. After using a postnatal belly band your body will get support and won’t require a lot of effort to get back to shape. All you need is a good postnatal belly band.

Hurry up and get your postnatal belly band for a comfortable and speedy recovery. Not to mention a slimmer waistline!

Linda Voon
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