Postnatal Belly Band Safety Hazards and Things you Should Avoid

Postnatal Belly Band Safety Hazards

28 Mar Postnatal Belly Band Safety Hazards and Things you Should Avoid

You should understand your body and understand what it needs: the kind of food you eat, the habits you adopt and so on needs to be under your control. Understanding your body is important because how you attend to yourself largely determines your physical health. The same applies to mothers. Mothers should take care of themselves both during pregnancy and more so during the postnatal period. During pregnancy, there are various changes that take place in your body, like the expansion of your uterus, loosening of your stomach muscles and back pain post pregnancy and delivery. To deal with these issues, most physician recommend the use of a postnatal belly band. But, there are postnatal belly band safety hazards and things you should avoid.

New moms should and can use a postnatal belly band immediately after the delivery, after 24-48 hours. A postnatal belly band is designed to help smoothen the recovery process during the postpartum period and all new mothers (whether you had a c-section or a vaginal delivery) can use a postnatal belly band. The positive result cannot be seen in just one week but continuous usage of a postnatal belly band for 4-6 weeks can give you satisfying results.

A well designed postnatal belly band is not one size fits all and mothers should check the size carefully while buying a postnatal belly band, to ensure optimal benefits. Furthermore, a good postnatal belly band is made with sturdy and durable fabric and will be with you through thick and thin. 

Though the concept of belly binding has been around for centuries a well designed postnatal belly band is a modern version of this power-packed postpartum concept. As a result, new mothers increasingly choose to use a postnatal belly band because to gain from its usefulness and effectiveness. Using a postnatal belly band helps support your back and helps to alleviate your back pain. However, in order to gain maximum benefits there are some things you need to consider while using a postnatal belly bands. Some things you should avoid doing while wearing a postnatal belly band include:

  1. You should still not engage in heavy exercises and weight lifting. Your muscles are still weak. Start with light exercises so you should gradually increase your work-out intensity, as you recover with the help of a postnatal belly band and build your core muscles.
  2. Allocate hours you want to engage in using a postnatal belly band so you can give you core muscles a break. Though you can technically use a well designed postnatal belly band throughout the day, it is best to let your muscles rest a bit.
  3. Though a postnatal belly band is designed to work your core muscles and help your get back in shape, you should not heavily depend on it to regain your figure. You also need to have good eating habits and engage in some light physical activity. A good postnatal schedule will
  4. Above all, if you feel any type of discomfort, you should immediately discontinue use. Also, consult your doctor to ensure you have a smooth postpartum experience.

You should always consult your physician or your physiotherapists before using a postnatal belly band. Once you start using one you’ll get the required support for physical recovery during your postpartum period. 

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