Postnatal Belly Band and Pelvic Floor Relaxation

Postnatal belly band and pelvic floor relaxation

25 Mar Postnatal Belly Band and Pelvic Floor Relaxation

As a woman, being able to bring a child into this word feels wonderful and it is an unmatched feeling. You can embrace your bundle of joy and forget everything else. Nothing in this world can measure this happiness but with every silver lining there is something that could be a bane. After giving birth, there are some mothers that have a smooth postpartum period while other have a different experience. Some mothers have body image issues and some mothers have physical postnatal complications. Things like how to regain your pre-pregnancy body and trying to lose tummy weight are common. But some people have pelvic floor dysfunction after giving birth. This is where a postnatal belly band and pelvic floor relaxation can come hand in hand.

One of the most effective way to deal with pelvic floor dysfunction is to use a postnatal belly band. You can develop postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction irrespective of having caesarian or natural delivery. So it is helpful to use a postnatal belly band in both the cases.

The pelvic floor in you body is one of the main stress points in your body. If the muscles around your pelvic floor become weaker then it becomes very difficult to control your bowel movements. Last thing you want is loss of control over your bowels. Wearing a postnatal belly band with helps strengthen your muscles. In the process you will regain control over your bowel movements, which you would obviously want!

A postnatal belly band has many other advantages as well. Along with pelvic floor relaxation, it supports your back and relieves some of the back pain associated with your postnatal period. Along with back pain a postnatal belly band also helps with posture. While breastfeeding, some mothers tend to slouch more but wearing a postnatal belly band will correct this posture. Furthermore, a postnatal belly band also helps to reduce the strain involved in carrying and lifting the baby.

Some of the many advantages of using a postnatal belly band for pelvic floor relaxation include:

  1. Along with supporting and strengthening your pelvic floor a postnatal belly band also helps us to reach towards getting our figure back. In the process, it helps mothers regain their pre pregnancy body.
  1. A postnatal belly band is easily available in the market and is a relatively cheap remedy compared to other methods available for pelvic floor relaxation. But you should be careful about getting a well designed postnatal belly band for desired benefits.
  1. A postnatal belly band is very easy to use and is a non-invasive technic. It should be used as soon as possible after delivery for maximum results.
  1. A postnatal belly band helps relax your musculoskeletal muscles and realign your spine. In the process it helps with pelvic floor relaxation and overall postnatal support during recovery.

A postnatal belly band is deserving of your benefit of doubt and you should use one to reap its benefits. Worst-case scenario a postnatal belly band will provide required support during postnatal recovery and leave you with a tightened core area. But a good postnatal belly band will help with postnatal recovery and pelvic floor relaxation!


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