Postnatal Belly Band and Diastasis Recti

postnatal belly band diastasis recti

22 Feb Postnatal Belly Band and Diastasis Recti

Pregnancy and childbirth are both physically strenuous for a mom. Yes, the joy of embracing your baby does not match anything else, but as your body goes back to its pre-pregnancy state it needs support. If your are in your postpartum period chances are you use a postnatal belly band for physical support during recovery or if you don’t use one, you may have stumbled across postnatal belly bands. Though belly binding is a tradition that has been ongoing for centuries, postnatal belly bands are well-designed and sophisticated versions of this idea. So, what is the relationship between postnatal belly band and diastasis recti?

Let’s start by understanding what is diastasis recti?

The muscles of our abdomen are connected by a flexible and strong tissue called the linea alba. During pregnancy a woman’s linea alba stretches or separates to a certain degree. This connective tissue is supposed to heal after childbirth but in some cases it does not. The condition having a stretched or separated linea alba is called diastasis recti.

I have diastasis recti. Now what?

The good news is diastasis recti is not a life threatening condition and it can be treated so don’t panic!

Curing diastasis recti

This condition is caused by the separation of your abdominal muscle and you can cure it by strengthening them and joining them together (well obviously!). Postnatal belly bands can provide good support.

Should I exercise?

Engaging your core muscles is a great way to strengthen them. Simple maneuvers like maintaining a good posture at all times can keep your core muscles engaged. Exercising can really help in healing this condition but DO NOT attempt to do traditional core exercises like crunches. Simple household work and traditional walks are the best steps during the postnatal recovery period. To be on the safe side, consult your doctor before you start exercising. This is why a postnatal belly band is useful as it helps with the core muscles without making you work out.

So, how does a postnatal belly bands actually help?

As mentioned earlier, your abdominal muscles should be put to constant use to strengthen your linea alba. As you require a lot of rest during your postpartum period a postnatal belly band allows you to engage your muscles without having to do tiring physical exercises or activities. Postnatal belly bands constantly compress your muscles which will expedite the joining and strengthening process of your muscles. Postnatal belly bands constantly support and engage your core muscles which makes it an ideal choice for your postpartum period. They also, support your back and pelvis giving you a great posture, which ultimately helps to cure your diastasis recti.

If you start using a postnatal belly band you can help diastasis recti by regularly engaging your abdominal muscles. However, if you feel any discomfort it is best to consult a doctor. A postnatal belly band will provide support to your linea alba and helps you maintain a correct posture. As a result your core muscles get a work out and have enough support.

Choose a smart and effective way to effortlessly regain your core strength and get your pre-pregnancy body back, get a postnatal belly band!


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