Postnatal Belly Band and C-section

postnatal belly band c-section

18 Nov Postnatal Belly Band and C-section

After holding on to your bundle of joy, you realize that your baby bump is gone. Your uterus and spine go through changes during the process of getting back to your pre-pregnancy body. But mothers who undergo cesarean have to be concerned about their recovery too. C-section is a major surgery, which involves cutting of the connective tissue inside the abdomen. It typically takes 6-8 weeks for the tissues to reconnect. Let’s find out whether postnatal belly band and c-section work well together or not.

Why should you use a postnatal belly band?

  • Helps in uterus recovery: Postnatal belly band binds the muscles closer together and makes it easier for the uterus to shrink and get back to shape faster.
  • Supports your abdominal muscles: Abdominal muscles weaken and are stretched during pregnancy. A belly binder will help in supporting your weak muscles and help to make them stronger and tighter. This also helps you move easily.
  • Supports your back: After a C-section it is difficult for a mother to go about everyday chores. Picking your baby up can also be painful. A firm back support will make it easier to walk and provides relief back ache. It also helps to straighten the curved spine.

The postnatal belly band help your get back in shape post pregnancy. The best thing about postnatal belly bands is you can get your original figure by wearing your belly band.

Won’t the postnatal belly band hurt you C-section incision?

No. In fact, a belly band helps speed up the recovery process. The postnatal belly band compression reduces swelling, increases the blood flow and makes sure the wound does not open. To be on the safe side, doctors recommend using it regularly only after a week post-delivery.

In order to get optimal results it is best to address the major concerns regarding postnatal belly bands. Consider the following when you invest in a postnatal belly band:

  • Get the right size: As your body is swollen when you start using the postnatal belly band, the size of the band can be off. Investing in a postnatal belly band equipped with adjustable hooks that allow you to alter the size will solve this problem.
  • Fabric type: The fabric of the postnatal belly band should be very soft and stretchy to ensure easy movement and firm support. Also your postnatal belly band should be durable to withstand washing and minor wear and tear.
  • Added features: Some belly bands have added features like infer-red to improve blood circulation. These bands are worth investing on.
  • Easy to wear: Postnatal belly bands with elaborate buckles and ties can be difficult and time consuming to wear. Choose a postnatal belly band which is easy to wear and has limited number of clasps to avoid the hassle and enjoy the benefits.

With the appropriate postanatal belly band you will a speedy recovery and easily recover your pre-pregnancy body. Given that a postnatal belly band can have a positive influence on your post-pregnancy body it is important to invest in a durable and easy-to-use option. This way you can easily get back in shape while you enjoy your moments with your bundle of joy.

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