Postnatal Belly and Postnatal Belly Band

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06 Jan Postnatal Belly and Postnatal Belly Band

As humans we have always had celebrities and idolized them. Even in the ancient times people like Alexander the Great were celebrated people used his face on coins and pottery. The trend continues and today we idolize celebrities like never before because we have such easy access to information online. What are they wearing? where are they going? The interest is satiated with the media covering the pettiest of details of a celebrity’s life. And it’s no secret that this has an affect our body image. In the realm of motherhood and celebrity watching, Hollywood has women stepping out with perfectly sculpted bodies shortly after giving birth. Though we might realize that this is not the natural progression of things, it does affect our subconscious minds.

Let’s start with postnatal belly. After nine months of pregnancy, your abdominal area is stretched out, along with your uterus. This is no big revelation, but unless you go under the knife to correct your stretched out belly, the fact is your belly is stretched out. Additionally, while you carry your baby, you inevitably gain weight and this puts a strain on your back and belly. Having a baby is undoubtedly a wonderful experience but the fact is your body will change in the process. What is important is that you should understand the change and take steps towards a comfortable recovery for yourself.  

Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t get back in shape and have to live with saggy fat for the rest of your life. The thing is, if it takes nine months for your belly and uterus to grow for baby, you should at least give yourself a few months to get back in shape. The most important thing is to be healthy and there is no need to put any unnecessary burden on yourself to get back in shape the minute after you give birth. Enjoy moments with baby and give yourself a pat on the back for entering a new chapter in your life. This doesn’t mean you need to give up on your body, it just means that you should dictate your journey of getting back in shape yourself.

Frankly, being a mother can be overwhelming and you may not have all the time in the world to hit the gym. A postnatal belly band is the perfect solution for moms to enjoy their bundle of joy and take care of themselves during the process. Wrapping the midriff for support post pregnancy is an age old custom. Arguably the postnatal belly band is a modern day version of this idea. A postnatal belly band does not require another person’s help to slip on and helps with getting back in shape. In fact a good postnatal belly band will provide the required support to your belly, back and contracting uterus during the postnatal or recovery period.

So, long story short it may not be healthy to hold ourselves to celebrity imagery of a postnatal body but we can still take steps towards a achieving a healthy postnatal body. Taking care of yourself during the postnatal period is important because you body has endured a lot. A postnatal belly band is just what you need to physically ease your way into a postpartum life!

Linda Voon
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