Nylon vs. Aluminum rings

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19 Feb Nylon vs. Aluminum rings

If you choose to engage in babywearing with a ring sling then you most probably stumbled upon the two common types of rings: aluminum and nylon. The ideal ring is safe, smooth, strong, weld-free and fine in the washer and dryer. Nylon and aluminum rings weigh approximately the same weight. However, there are few precise features of nylon and aluminum rings that pit the two materials against each other. So, which one is better- nylon vs. aluminum rings?

Nylon Rings

Nylon rings are thicker and easier to adjust with some fabric. Additionally, nylon rings are slightly more durable than the aluminum rings. Nylon melted and cooled down in a circular shape unlike metal rings that have a joining. Studies suggest that nylon rings have a firm grip of  the fabric making them sturdier and less prone to slippage. For example, the double rings on the Mamaway baby sling is specially designed for extra support and slippage-free ring sling experience.

A bonus for people who travel frequently is that nylon rings slings don’t set off the metal detector at the airport.

Aluminum Rings

Aluminum rings are streamlined and fancier looking compared to the nylon rings. They are mostly used by the people who consider ring’s appearance as an option. Due to their smaller gauge aluminum rings grip to the slings which has both positive and negative consequences. Aluminum rings slip very little decreasing the chance of mishaps but at times they become difficult to adjust in the slings. As a result, aluminum rings basically go along with wrap conversion slings as the majority of wrap fabrics are too thick to adjust through the wide profile of nylon rings.

Either rings work for number of different application. It depends on your priorities while choosing the ringed sling. As we are discussing type of materials used for rings, it is important to understand the distinction between plastic and nylon rings. Yes, plastic and nylon are not interchangeable. Plastic is flimsy and could be toxic, where as proper nylon rings are firm and non-toxic.

The most important take away is that nylon rings are sturdy and they don’t have a joining, unlike aluminum rings that are heated, melted and attached to form a ring. This is important to note because the joining on the aluminum rings rings have a risk of breaking open, whereas there is no such risk with nylon rings. With matters of your baby it is important to understand the makings of the product and the efforts of the company. Choose a ring sling that has a good product life, is ergonomic and that is safe. Remember to choose wisely and fully enjoy your ring sling experience.

Linda Voon
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