Night Time Breast Feeds – What’s your Routine?

27 Jul Night Time Breast Feeds – What’s your Routine?

Mamaway’s staffs are mostly Mums!

Because of this, we’re keenly aware that all mums cope differently; every unique situation needs a slightly different response. That’s why we interviewed with our mums about how they managed breastfeeding at night. We hope that their individual responses can give you a better idea of a breastfeeding routine that might work for you and your baby.

ST – Follow his lead… no routine, he gets fed on demand. When he was younger I did dream feed, but these days it wakes him up so I leave him to sleep. He is sleeping through the night now, unless he has had dairy/soy and is reacting or if he is sick.

AS – I love 3am feeds. “Charmed” is on and if she feeds at 5am then my other 2 wake far too early.

KW –  I always used to attempt a top up, then dash to bed for a few hours of sleep before the next feed. Had a bugger of a time weaning them off those top ups though.

KBC – I demand feed bub. I don’t dream feed; I wait till baby wakes me to say they are hungry.

CC – My 4 month old goes to bed at 7pm (following the Save Our Sleep routine) and has a dream feed at 11pm which gets him thru til 7am, unless like ST’s little man we’re having a dairy/soy reaction (which sux!!).

RS – Demand feed. I am deaf so I don’t always hear waking or stirring for a feed. Hubby gives me a nudge (bless him!). My last two were so different with the first feeding up to 4 feeds per night on formula. The second breastfed and fed only twice a night sleeping to 7 after the second feed! Amazing how different they all are…

DMM – Follow bub’s lead. She’s pretty much created her own routine. At 5 months she usually sleeps anywhere from 6 to 10 hours and only occasionally wakes in the middle of the night for a feed. I feel quite lucky actually as I’m getting more sleep now than when I was pregnant and, of course, I have my beautiful daughter to light up my life.

RP – Dream feed – love it! And follow a routine (book) – works for both of us SO well!

BZ – Feed on demand so I follow bubs’ lead.

EL – My bub is a horrible teether. He gets infections in his gums and the whole process just seems to take forever. It took us ages to work this out because his night-time sleeping patterns just seemed so much more than teething. But when everything seems to be ok, he sleeps so well and I’m happy to let him control when he wakes up. When he’s teething, our nights are pretty exhausting and I don’t think following any routine would work, we just do the best we can with dark tired eyes! I’m sure that one day he will be a teenager and I won’t be able to get him out of bed! I guess I’ll sleep then too 🙂

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