Maternity Support Belt to help with Muscle and Ligament Pain

Maternity Support Belt to help with Muscle and Ligament Pain

29 Jun Maternity Support Belt to help with Muscle and Ligament Pain

Maternity support belts are a must have for every woman during their pregnancy. They provide the much needed and required support for your back and allow you to maintain good body posture. During pregnancy most women endure pain triggered by pulled muscles and ligaments. You can use a maternity support belt to help with muscle and ligament pain. Plus, a well-designed maternity support belt is easily adjustable to your liking and along with its advantages. So, maternity support belts are very beneficial addition to your pile of maternity wear.

Muscle and ligament pain typically start around the second trimester of your pregnancy. You might experience a shooting pain towards the lower portion of your belly because of the expansion of your uterus to accommodate the baby. The expansion or sometimes the contraction of the uterus can cause muscle spasms resulting in sharp pain. In order to help you alleviate the pain, most doctors recommend pregnant women to use a maternity support belt.

The maternity support belts have the following features to relieve your muscle and ligament pain:

  1. Lift – A maternity support belt gently lifts your hips and pelvic while supporting your growing uterus and back. The little lift provides you with the needed support and keeps baby in place.
  2. Warmth – A maternity support belt provides you with warmth that helps relieve pain. Too much heat is not recommended for baby but a well-designed maternity support belt provides little warmth only to ease the pain.
  3. Balance – A maternity support belt also helps you balance the weight around the body. Given that you center of gravity can change with pregnancy weight, it can put more stress balance your weight. A maternity support belt helps you evenly distribute the weight and maintain balance without added effort.
  4. Circulation – A maternity support belt improves blood circulation. One of its many benefits is the improved circulation and less ankle and leg swelling as it takes the burden off of these parts of the body by lifting the pelvic muscles.

As you near your delivery date, there is a lot of excitement but you may experience more pain as your body releases of relaxin (a hormone that helps you during labor pain). Relaxin could trigger pain around the hip and pelvic region. A maternity support belt can help save the day by easing your pain. Along with relieving pain, it also supports the pelvic floor muscles. You can easily feel the difference when you wear the belt as it makes you feel lighter and helps you become more productive. Just make sure you consult your doctor before you begin using one.

If you’re pregnant make sure you consult a doctor and begin using a maternity support belt and alleviate the uneasiness around your belly.

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