Maternity Support Belt and Lower Back

Maternity Support Belt & Lower Back

18 May Maternity Support Belt and Lower Back

Recently, a research conducted on pregnant women has found that 60-70% of women suffer from back pain. Clearly it’s a problem that affects a lot of people. Which, means most pregnant women go through terrible back aches during and after pregnancy. Women take various measures to prevent or contain back ache, but it is bound to affect you at some point. So yes, being pregnant could be painful. The added stress of growing tummy on the back is painful and makes the back sore. This is why products like maternity support belts and lower back problem go well together.

During pregnancy, a mothers body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. These hormones are meant to relax and prepare women for child birth. Unfortunately, it also relaxes certain muscles, ligaments that supports your belly. As a result pregnant women are prone to back pain.

Though lower back pain is a common problem between many pregnant women, there has been a lot of thought and effort put in to design products that alleviate this pain. A maternity support belt is one of those products. Along with extra support, a maternity support belt is designed to help ease lower back pain. In order to reap the maximum benefits, the key is to find a maternity support belt specifically designed to give you the utmost support.

Among the many reasons why you should use a maternity support belt, here are some that highlight the benefits of one on your lower back:

  1. Pain relief: A maternity support belt alleviates excruciating pain and provides tremendous support which your body could use during your pregnancy.
  2. Support: A maternity support belt that is well designed is easy to adjust and makes you feel like you’re not wearing. It comes in various different shapes, sizes, colors and styles and gives your lower back the right amount of support.
  3. Comfort: Given that a maternity support belt is designed to help you through your pregnancy a comfortable ones gives your lower back the required support and make pregnancy more comfortable. You can even engage in light physical activity with a comfortable maternity support belt which also helps with lower back pain relief.
  4. Posture: Bad posture can trigger back and lower back pain. A maternity support belt is designed to ensure you have correct posture and helps ease posture related back pain.

Pregnancy is part of your life for 9 months and it is a journey you want to enjoy as you await your bundle of joy. To ease your journey it’s important to make the right choices and getting a maternity support belt is one of those decisions. If you’re pregnant and don’t have a maternity support belt, then it’s time to get one because it has become the go-to product of pregnant women who have terrible or chronic back pain.

Linda Voon
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