Maternity Support Belt Alarms to Avoid

Maternity Support Belt Alarms to Avoid

04 Jul Maternity Support Belt Alarms to Avoid

Maternity support belts are designed to provide sturdy and comfortable support to pregnant women. It is especially useful for women with cases of lower back pain and sacroiliac joint pain. It has several benefits especially for pregnant women since it can be used to support the womb of her developing baby. It helps relieve several types of painful sensations that pregnant women are bound to experience in their joints, ligaments and muscles. For many, maternity support belts can work as a boon that provides them ease and confidence. However, everything has a flipside and here are a few maternity support belt alarms to avoid.

1) Wearing It Continuously

While maternity support belts are great for back pain, they may turn out to be an even greater threat to your body when used for an excessive amount of time. It is recommended that maternity support belts should be used for about 3-4 hours in a day. This is because maternity support belts work to relieve pain by slightly stretching the muscles in the lower half of your body. When you use it for a long time, the muscles in these areas may get stretched too much. This will result in your muscles getting weakened and will lead to weakness and could trigger further muscle pain in the future. Also, when your abdomen has to deal with a lot of compression from the belt in a day. You might begin to experience unwanted effects such as nausea, gastrointestinal irritation and an increased blood pressure.

2) Wearing Figure Hugging Clothes

Although maternity support belts nowadays come in various shapes, thicknesses and sizes, it is close to impossible to find one that will be completely invisible under figure hugging clothes. If you want to dress up, you might just try extra hard and put on the maternity belt in a more tightly manner than you should. Don’t do that, as this is hazardous to your health, especially if you are suffering from sacroiliac dysfunction. Though the maternity support belt standing out might make you very self-conscious, it’s best to wear it properly and reap its benefits.

3) Wearing it too often  

Maternity support belts are meant merely to provide support to your back. They should not be used as a permanent treatment for your back pain. However, many people find that if they have been using the belts for a very long time period, they become dependent upon it. The better alternative instead, in this case, is to take breaks in between the times you use the support. This way you won’t feel too reliant on the maternity support belt.

A well-designed maternity support belt is sure to ease your maternity journey. Make sure you avoid these alarms to reap the maximum benefits from using a maternity support belt. Also, make sure you consult your doctor before using any maternity support belt to ensure you are taking all possible safety measures.

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