Maternity Must Haves In Your Closet

06 Jul Maternity Must Haves In Your Closet

As you wait for the arrival for your bundle of joy, you enter a phase in your life that is filled with a lot of excitement and a little bit of physical changes. As a mother’s body changes to accommodate the little one, a mother’s wardrobe requires a few additions as well.  There are lots of products available in the market ranging from clothing to comfort items to ensure a smooth maternity journey. As you are coping with all the physical changes in your body and balancing your commitments spending a lot of time deciding on your wardrobe additions can be a little tiring. So, here is a list of maternity must haves in your closet to make your life easier:

  1. Clothes: Invest in a few nice items that last you through your pregnancy without breaking your bank balance. As your body changes your prenatal clothes are something you need to brush aside until your postnatal period. While it may not be economically viable to have an entirely new wardrobe, you can definitely make good basics as additions to it. Items like jeans, dresses and blouses are must haves that will make sure you’re comfortable and decently dressed through your maternity journey.
  2. Maternity and Nursing Bra: Invest in a good maternity and nursing bra that will get you through your maternity and nursing period. As your midriff changes to accommodate your growing baby, your breasts will undergo changes as well. It might not be economically viable to invest in bras just for your maternity period. So, a maternity and nursing bra is something that is worth every penny of your spending and will ensure your maternity and beyond journey is comfortable.
  3. Maternity Support Belt: Invest in a good maternity support belt that will give your belly and back the required support as your baby bump grows. Along with physical changes in your body, your center of gravity also changes along with your baby bump. This puts a lot of strain on your parts of your body while you try to balance. So, a maternity support belt is great as it gives you the right amount of support on your lower back and pelvic area, which are areas that require the most support. It also ensures physical discomfort is never an issue.

While there are plenty of products available in the market there are a few things that are top priority. This is a list that incorporates maternity must haves that are regarded as basics during your maternity journey. Chances are there are other things you’ll invest in to ease your maternity journey, but make sure you invest in the items above. Keep these items in your wardrobe and make the wait for your bundle of joy a little more comfortable!

Linda Voon
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