Maternity and Nursing bra vs. Regular Bra

25 May Maternity and Nursing bra vs. Regular Bra

During pregnancy, a woman goes through a lot of changes in her body. With all the focus on the baby bump and it resulting in back and hip pain, women seem to neglect how much discomfort and pain the growing breasts bring. Women experience changes in the veins under the breasts and the pigment and size of the nipples. Little bumps on the areola can be observed along with leaking colostrums from the breasts. In just about four weeks of pregnancy, these changes start showing, which cause the breasts to be swollen, sore and sensitive. Most women have nowadays started to use a maternity bra in order to support their breasts, but really, whats all the fuss about a maternity and nursing bra vs. regular bra?

A maternity and nursing bra stands out because of its use and because of the way it is designed. Finding a well designed maternity and nursing bra requires a little bit of understanding. And what is the difference between a maternity and nursing bra vs. a regular bra is arguably the most common questions while deciding to make a purchase.

Wide straps vs. thin straps

Many women experience back pain because of the growing size of their breasts. Maternity and nursing bras have wide straps that support the breasts in the best possible way. This makes sure that your heavy breasts won’t be a problem for your back. Regular bras usually have thin straps which work well only for small breasts, but since your breasts are growing during the pregnancy, maternity bras are the best choice.

Wired vs. non-wired

Most regular bras are wired. Since wired bras block milk ducts by putting too much pressure on the breasts, such bras are not recommended during pregnancy. Using non-wired maternity and nursing bra is a great choice especially if you choose to breastfeed the baby later on. Also, since the breasts are very sensitive during this time, I recommend all to-be-mothers to wear a non-wired maternity bra.

Good fit vs. restraining fit

As your breasts grow at a significant rate, your regular bra will have been too small for you by the time you reach about three months of pregnancy. Your breasts will start growing from the fourth week of pregnancy till the time of your delivery. This means that no matter what, you will have to get a bigger bra, so, why not a maternity and nursing bra?

For the night, doctors recommend a pregnancy sleep bra so that you don’t feel discomfort while sleeping. But a well designed maternity and nursing bra can come in handy during this time as well. This makes sure that you can still get a comfortable shut eye experience while you’re pregnant. During the day, doctors recommend a more comfortable bra. Get yourself the right maternity and nursing bra for extra comfort and to make your pregnancy and postnatal journey is a comfortable one!

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