Mamaway Postnatal Corset V.S. SRC Recovery Shorts

16 Feb Mamaway Postnatal Corset V.S. SRC Recovery Shorts

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SRC Recovery Shorts, Mamaway Postnatal Corset and Cesarean Recovery

As my pregnancy was nearing the end, knowing I was about to have a planned elective cesarean I began to ask myself how am I going to recover this time whilst continuing to care for my toddler? After my first emergency cesarean my recovery seemed to take a long time and I suffered from a lot of back pain for many months after the delivery of my daughter and that was when I only had one tiny newborn to care for. I needed to find some support that will get me back on my feet and into our new routine FAST.

I began to do some research through pregnancy magazines and online narrowing my options down to two. The SRC Recovery Shorts and the Mamaway Postnatal Corset. I spent many hours searching and sifting through reviews and trying to find a Mamaway Postnatal Corset vs SRC Recovery Shorts comparison but from what I could see no one had used both to be able to offer a genuine opinion about which one worked better. So I made the investment and brought them both.

The initial outlay was far from comparable. The SRC Recovery Shorts were $189 and I received free postage by quoting a code at the checkout. It mentions all over their website that “Many private health insurers in Australia will provide a rebate to customers who purchase an SRC product”. My private health insurer is Medibank Private and they DO NOT offer a rebate for this product which is good to know prior to purchasing it. The Mamaway Postnatal Corset was a far cheaper option at $109.95 including free postage for orders over $50. Both arrived very fast in the post.

In the first few days after the delivery I tried the Mamaway postnatal Corset on day 3. Although it was very adjustable, I found it to be quite tight at first even though I followed the correct sizing suggestions on the website. I found the length of the corset to be just right giving support to my back and to the wound area. It was a little fiddly to put on but super easy and fast to remove. The first few days it felt a little uncomfortable around the surgical area when I was moving around but it did feel very supportive and helped me to maintain a good posture which did seem to help with the pain. It made sleeping so… much better! I am a side sleeper and after my first cesarean I struggled to lay flat or on my side for many days afterwards. This time with the aid of the corset I found sleeping on my side and rolling over much easier and more comfortable.

I waited until day 4 before attempting to wear the SRC Recovery Shorts as I was concerned about pulling them up and over my wound. I was right to, it was a little painful and quite tight and difficult to pull up and down. After all, this is a time of many toilet trips and is hard enough without the extra burden of difficult clothing. I have been told that I am short waisted and this may have affected the fit of the shorts for me. The waist band seemed to be far too high making me need to roll the top down. The waist band was also very thick and tight on me, which added an element of discomfort. It also seemed to offer support in all the wrong places. it was looser and less supportive in the stomach abdomen and back region and was tight around the waist & thighs. Because of this I favored the Mamaway Postnatal Corset and wore it much more frequently then I did the SRC Recovery Shorts.

After returning home and about a week later my body was getting smaller and smaller starting to return to its normal shape size, I continued to wear both products. The SRC Recovery Shorts still seemed to fit the same (tight around the waste and thighs) and was still difficult to pull up and down although now it wasn’t as painful. I found it to offer minimal back and abdomen support when I began to return to day to day life and household requirements. The Mamaway Postnatal Corset though started to get much easier to put on and I was able to adjust it to fit my shrinking stomach and it still continued to offer great support to my back and surgical area. I found it continued to offer support for my posture, sleeping positions and helped me start to ease back into my day to day activities and routine with a newborn and a toddler. It also helped me to have the confidence to start wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes again acting as shapewear.

Both garments were made from very good quality material and felt lovely on my skin. During early winter with around 10-30 degree weather and colder in the hospital neither of them seemed to make me feel hot or sweaty. They both seemed to allow my skin to breath and didn’t seem to smell after being worn.

A very big advantage of either product, in which covers your entire stomach and back. Whilst breastfeeding in the presence of other people you don’t need to worry as much about covering up. You can focus more on the area and task at hand with confidence.

Throughout the process of wearing both products, I felt my recovery was much faster and less painful and my body, still with a little way to go after 4 weeks seemed to return to it’s normal shape and size faster than my first unaided cesarean did (although this was not the purpose of why I purchased and wore either garments, but I do feel it helped).

So with all considered even if you take out the price factor for me, I found the Mamaway Postnatal Corset offered better post-cesarean support. I recommend it to anyone who is considering having a cesarean.

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