Maintenance and Durability of Ring Slings

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26 Oct Maintenance and Durability of Ring Slings

Babywearing has become a popular trend and ring slings have become a popular choice among babywearing parents. Ring slings are extremely handy when you’re out and about and it innumerable benefits. But when you’re on the go, your ring sling is going to gather dust and dirt overtime. We all know that babies are still in the process of developing their own immune system and are weaker against germs. To protect your little angle you will have to clean your ring slings regularly. In addition it’s important to adequately understand the maintenance and durability of your ring sling to make sure your investment goes a long way.

There are a variety of ring slings available in the market. Some are made from fancy fabrics and make a style statement, while others are made with durable fabrics that are easy to look after. Regardless of your ring sling there are certain maintenance steps you need to follow in order to increase the durability of your ring sling. Follow the easy 3-step guide to make sure your baby is always safely cuddled in your arms and wrapped around by a clean ring sling.

  1. Attention to Seams: Ring slings are carefully sewn together through the use of seams. Over the years you need to make sure the stitches are secure. Just like everything else, even the best of ring slings can suffer wear and tear over time. It’s important to monitor the seams, particularly while your fold the ring slings, to ensure safety at all times.
  2. Laundry Tips: When cleaning the ring sling, place it in a laundry bag. Last thing you want is a clanking object in your wash being damaged. While washing the sling, treat it like other delicate items and avoid washing it with items that have sharp and abrasive accessories. Washing your sling with items like protruding zippers can cause premature wear and tear.
  3. Cleaning detergent: Ring Slings are often made with delicate allergy tested fabric and material to make sure your little one is comfortable and allergy-free. Make sure you take care of the sling. Avoid using hash detergents and bleach to make sure your baby doesn’t have get in contact with harmful chemicals while wrapped with a sling.

Babywearing is a choice but a ring sling is an investment. Enjoy babywearing moments for a little longer by making sure you maintain the ring slings and increase durability. When you get a ring sling make sure you invest in one that is easy to look after. But regardless of your purchase, make sure you take care of your ring sling to reap the maximum benefits of it. Take care of your slings and continue being a happy parent with your happy babies through babywearing.

Linda Voon
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