Keep Calm and Carry: Ring Sling Style

14 Mar Keep Calm and Carry: Ring Sling Style

Becoming a Momma has been a journey of self-­discovery. Each and every day I am amazed at my ability to power on through extreme fatigue. To navigate my way through a variety of illogical toddler moments, relatively unscathed. To multi­‐task. This mothering journey requires the use of many hats… one of which I never seemed to have done with style or ease: Pram folding and manoeuvring. Crowded spaces, in particular, are my downfall.

Fortunately I discovered the art (and benefits) of babywearing while still wearing my first baby in utero. I have since acquired a stretchy wrap, soft structured carrier, as well as a woven wrap. While each of these still have a place in my heart, I was on the hunt for a less fiddly option, particularly one more suitable for those quick in­‐and-out of the car type trips.

Meet the MAMAWAY Baby Ring Sling. Made from 100% cotton, the fabric is light and breathable, which makes it the perfect all season sling. I did have some hesitation about the sturdiness of nylon rings over metal, however I have not encountered any issues carrying my toddler. Plus, they have been tested to a maximum of 50 kilograms, so I think I’ll be more than fine lugging 11 or so kilograms of a {little} Big Girl.

Most often, and due to the fact it’s a toddler I’m sporting, I rely on the hip or “koala” position. Not only is this the most comfortable for me, especially with my additional accessory in the baby bump, but it also mimics how I would naturally hold her without the sling.

However, once our new babe arrives, I know I will be testing out a range of other carrying positions and look forward to trying my hand at breastfeeding on the go too!

My Husband has embraced babywearing too, so while selecting a gender neutral colour was important, ensuring that the sling was easily transferrable and adjustable was a necessity. While the initial set up was a little tedious – thank goodness for the accompanying DVD tutorials – once I had “the knack”, it was easy. And I’m talking sorted in seconds easy. No long length of fabric to twist and secure. No buckles or clips. Fuss free.

Another winning feature is the fact that when not in use, the sling folds up nicely into a cleverly attached carry pocket, compact enough to be stored in the glove box of my car for ready access when I really need it.

No longer am I the ‘L’ plate Mumma with her pram wedged between the department store aisles. No longer am I on a seemingly endless hunt for the lifts or travelators. Instead, I’m the Mumma with the contented toddler, devouring delicious snuggles, all while enjoying the best seat in the house!


Rebecca McGregor –Mamadoo blogger

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