Is a Postnatal Belly Band your solution to Stretch Marks?

Postnatal belly band stretch mark

10 Feb Is a Postnatal Belly Band your solution to Stretch Marks?

There is a lot written and said about postnatal body changes. Though each person has a different experience with postnatal body changes there are a few things that remains constant among all postpartum women. Stretch marks are one of those things most postnatal moms notice. Whether the stretch marks are prominent or not is a different story, but it is something that affects all postpartum women. There are plenty of ointments and procedures that claim to alleviate or remove stretch marks. Additionally a postnatal belly band could also be an easy and effective answer to your queries. So, is a postnatal belly band your solution to stretch mark?

Before we answer the question, let’s understand the concept of stretch marks. Stretch marks is something that affects anyone that has gone through rapid bodily change. It could be an adolescent that suddenly grew tall or a person going through weight training or someone that gained a lot of weight rapidly or any other person that went through a drastic bodily change in a short span of time. Similarly, during pregnancy a woman gains a lot of weight around the abdominal area to make room for baby. After giving birth the uterus starts contracting and a woman’s abdominal muscles start shrinking.

So, stretch marks form from a drastic change in body, but they become more prominent with time. Why? Mainly because of the skin not being able to keep up with the stretching skin or, in the case of postnatal women, from sagging skin as a result from rapid weight loss. The good news is a postnatal belly band keeps your skin from sagging. In addition to providing support, a postnatal belly band helps tighten loose abdominal muscles for postnatal moms.

By binding the abdominal muscles through a postnatal belly band, the stretch marks that could exacerbate with time are tightened. Now, you may ask does this really work? But, a counter question can be, what is the guarantee other procedures or ointments will work, but people try it anyway right? A postnatal belly band is deserving of the same type of benefit-of-doubt, if not more, because it could help with more beyond your stretch marks. While, chances are a postnatal belly band with help with your stretch marks, it also helps with support and recovery during postpartum period.

Given that a postnatal belly band is a multi-utility item, it is definitely worth a try. While you get support for your abdominal area, the compression will help contain and alleviate stretch marks. Plus you can use a postnatal belly band beyond your postpartum period to help with tightening abdominal muscles. As a result, you will always be a step ahead in being in shape.  

Linda Voon
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