How to determine the best Ring Sling for you

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21 Oct How to determine the best Ring Sling for you

Parents often get emotional when they talk about their children. How did they grow up so quickly? When did my little baby become so mature? Where did all that time go? These are common expressions parents use in awe of their little angels when they’re not so little anymore. Unfortunately we haven’t cracked the code to trap time yet so your little ones will eventually grow up into wonderful people (I know, real bummer). But what we can tell you is to treasure every moment with your little one because it’s true, time does fly.

Babywearing is a great way to cherish your bond with your baby when they are babies and toddlers as it maximizes the time spent doing things together. There are multiple carrier options out there and choosing the right one can get a little overwhelming. To make your life easier below is a guide on how to determine the best baby ring sling for you.

We have shared the benefits of ring slings and the reasons to get ring slings, it’s only fitting to guide you through the process of determining the most suitable baby ring sling:

  1. Baby safety: The number one consideration with a baby product is always the safety of your little one. Choose a sling ring that is made of a strong fabric and has been endurance tested to hold your baby from infancy to toddlerhood.
  2. Closer to nature: The more we research about different lifestyle topics the more we realize that going back to basics is the most beneficial. Just like other natural choices in life, a babywearing ring sling should be as close to the natural fabric and form as possible. In other words, get the wonders of nature and laws of physics on your side.
  3. One size fits all: New mommies and daddies want to be hands on with their little one and getting different carriers for each parent can get a little extravagant. So a ring sling that fits the whole family is an ideal investment. A ring sling that is forgiving even if you pack a few pounds is the most ideal.
  4. Comfort & health: When you’re talking about babywearing, it’s the parent carrying and the baby being carried. It’s important for babywearing  to be comfortable for both the parent and the baby. Ergonomically designed ring slings are comfortable and promote a healthy babywearing experience for the parent and baby. Your back shouldn’t hurt and your baby’s legs shouldn’t dangle.
  5. User-friendly: While you want to make sure your bundle of joy is safe and secure in your arms you can’t afford to spend all the time in the world figuring out how to use a product. Most ring slings aren’t rocket science but there are a few that are easier to master than others. Carefully pick out a ring sling that is easy to use so you can begin babywearing rather than spending time figuring out baby wearing.

There are lots of babywearing options in the market and ring slings are increasing becoming a popular form of babywearing. Ring slings are popular because of their practicality, health benefits and because they facilitate the natural bond between baby and parent. If you just had a little one, congratulations! You’ve embarked on the most beautiful journey of your life. This is the time to revere those moments with your precious little munchkin by babywearing through a ring sling.





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