How can a postnatal belly band help with ligament laxity?

13 Apr How can a postnatal belly band help with ligament laxity?

Ligament laxity is a type of body pain that is triggered by loose ligaments. Due to the changes a mother’s body goes through during pregnancy, ligament laxity can affect new mothers. The hormone that is responsible for the relaxation of your ligaments is also the connective tissue connecting two bones/cartilages/joints is called relaxin. But, during pregnancy there is a steady rise of relaxin to allow your uterus to enlarge to make room for baby. Consequently, this triggers ligament laxity So, how can a postnatal belly band help with ligament laxity?

During pregnancy your uterus expands to support a growing baby. During this process your organs shift, your abdominal muscles are stretch, and your hips and ribcage expand. All of these changes mean that after the birth, you are left with weakened abdominal muscles that can strain your back. Furthermore, after giving birth your body takes time to get back to its prenatal stage and your uterus is still enlarged for six weeks. Ligament laxity or loose ligaments in your core area is often a result of weakened core muscles. A postnatal belly band can help with ligament laxity through compression and can provide support and aid your body as it gets back to its prenatal state.

A postnatal belly band helps with ligament laxity by strengthening your weakened core muscles. Your loose skin and muscles gets pulled back into their original position. With a postnatal belly band, you can sit down, stand up, cough and move around without any pain in your belly!

After giving birth your body is still going through changes and there might be pain and discomfort. A postnatal belly band can help with this pain and discomfort and it can improve fitting of clothes. You won’t instantly get skinnier, but a postnatal belly band compresses your fat and tucks in any sagging fat. The best part of a postnatal belly band is it will start helping with ligament laxity within a few days. In the process your abdominal fat gets tucked in which reduces stretch marks, your body gets to recover with support and your posture improves.

The improved posture provides required support and reduces back pain. A postnatal belly band can help your uterus get back to its pre-pregnancy size, helping to support your hips and pelvis as they get back to their pre-pregnancy state. By helping the uterus get back to its normal size, it can help your belly shrink a bit. In doing so it will ensure your ligament laxity around your midriff is taken care of.

So if you don’t have a postnatal belly band yet, it’s time to get one. You can use it during your postpartum period and beyond. After you get a postnatal belly band, be prepared to stop worrying about ligament laxity among many other things! 

Linda Voon
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