Get back into shape after baby

20 Mar Get back into shape after baby

Getting back into shape is always not easy, especially after having a baby. When people start talking about a mama’s body shape, we do thinking of a round and bumpy shape. But hold on, please take note that make sure to get your doctor permission before starts exercising.

Wear a postpartum belly band.

Before anything else, this is the first thing an after-birth mom can do. Postpartum belly band enables shrink uterus back to the pre-pregnancy size. There are several postnatal belly bands which can be use right after birth even for a c-section mom, using a postpartum belly band for 24 hours because it is providing a support to mama’s postpartum recovery. Remember to pick a well-designed postnatal belly band, which are comfortable and breathable for a prolonged use.



Wear a slimming wear /shaper.

Sometimes there will be some special occasion where mama we have to fit ourselves in some beautiful dresses or gowns, such as a friend’s wedding or some birthday party, a shaper is definitely the BEST choice to fit you in your pre-pregnancy gown or jeans before you get ready.


Believe it or not, breastfeeding is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight, our body burn more calories during breastfeeding period. There are many researches has proven there are a lot of benefits from breastfeeding, lose weight is one of the benefit. For every six months a mama breastfeed her baby, about 2Ib can be lose, depending on the initial weight and height.

Eat healthy and clean food

By having a clean and healthy diet, your body will treat you with a great feedback. Try to take more fruits and vegetables, whole grain, and lean protein for a healthier and energetic lifestyle. You will feel the difference, by start having some clean food!

Workout!Before start workout or exercising, please make sure you are fully recovered, and seek for doctor’s opinion on when you shall start exercise after birth. Cardio is probably a good choice; you can either run in the park or try some workout from home. It’s a great and healthy way to get you back into shape.

Never give up

Honestly, it does take time to get back to the original pre-pregnant body, never give up, be positive and keep going, life will give u some credits someday.

Linda Voon
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