General Babywearing Consultation

General Babywearing Consultation

20 Apr General Babywearing Consultation

Babywearing is an art which has been passed down generation after generation. With time, the baby carrier has gone through major evolutions. Thus, there is always lot more to know and understand about it. If you’re a new parent or if you know someone that’s a new parent then then babywearing is something you should know about. Here are some general babywearing consultation items.

Here are few general facts about baby wearing to help you and your baby enjoy this great gift.

Why Babywearing?

Baby wearing is beneficial both for the parents and their babies.

Benefits to the baby:

  • Closeness and developmentBabies whose parents engage in babywearing while they grow up get extra attention and care from their parents. As a result, babies become more interactive, cheerful and strong.
  • Comfortable and safe: When parents are babywearing, babies can feel the comfort in your arms. Also, there is a great variety of babywearing options available in the market where you can pick just the right one for your baby.

Benefits to the parents:

  • Discreet breastfeeding: Babies are unpredictable and can get hungry at any time. Especially when you have an infant they require extra care and frequent breast feeding. And babywearing is a great solution for discreet breastfeeding. While babywearing, you can feed your baby anywhere and anytime!
  • Hands-free and convenient: When you are babywearing your baby, staying close to your baby does not limit you Also, babywearing is practical in every situation ranging from boarding an airplane to having your breakfast.

What are some things you should consider about babywearing?

Safety always comes first. So it is necessary to consider and understand babywearing safety measures before using your carrier. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, particularly with matters related to your bundle of joy.

Most importantly, always inspect your baby carrier and understand the user guidelines before use. Additionally, be mindful for unforeseen damages. If there are loose stitches or worn out fabrics it’s time to get a new carrier for your baby. Also, make sure that your baby is rightfully placed in the carrier. Make sure you follow babywearing ways with your baby carrier and become comfortable with your carrier before you use it. It is important that both you and your baby are comfortable with the baby carrier before you begin your babywearing journey!

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