Does a Postnatal Belly Band actually help with Postnatal Belly Fat?

Postnatal belly band fat

15 Jan Does a Postnatal Belly Band actually help with Postnatal Belly Fat?

Being a mom is arguably the most beautiful experience in your life. But carrying a baby for nine months and hours of delivery will leave a lasting impact on your abdominal muscles and uterus. After giving birth your uterus is in compression mode and your abdominal and back muscles have endured a lot. Often times this results in bulging muscles around your midriff and a bloated abdominal area right after giving birth. Yes, after giving birth your focus shifts on your baby but the truth is a mother’s body goes through a lot of change as well. In particular the midriff endures the most changes. So, does a postnatal belly band actually help with postnatal belly fat?

First, it is important to understand: what is postnatal belly fat? The heftiness in your midriff could be due to the following reasons:

  • Uterus: your uterus expands for your baby and sometimes it takes a few weeks after pregnancy for the uterus to completely contract. During this time you can appear to look bloated and a postnatal belly band helps soothe the uterus during the contraction period. Furthermore, it compresses your midriff and gives you a slimmer appearance while providing the require support to subside your postnatal uterus or belly bloating.
  • Back: your back endures a lot of pain during the pregnancy and while giving birth. In fact giving birth is has been stated as the most physically strenuous experience. During this time your posture is bound to alter with your protruding belly. A postnatal belly band helps correct your posture and make your protruding belly subside along with alleviating your postnatal posture woes.
  • Abdomen: your abdomen muscles need to expand with your uterus to create a space for baby to grow. In the process the abdomen muscles stretch and result in sagging muscles after giving birth. A postnatal belly band lifts these muscles and expedite the recovery process by supporting abdominal muscles as they get back to their original state.

Again, pregnancy is beautiful but it also results in a lot of changes in a women’s body. Just like taking care of you body during pregnancy is important. Post pregnancy recovery is equally important. Products like postnatal belly band are designed to provide the physical support during the postnatal period. In addition, a postnatal belly band also expedites getting back in shape by strengthening the core muscles in the midriff area.

You need a postnatal belly band if you want to start adopting a healthy lifestyle as soon as you give birth. Also, if you are interested in providing yourself the required physical support during the recovery period then a postnatal belly band is as good as it gets. Make sure you get the right postnatal belly band that supports the uterus, back and abdomen with comfort. Research and choose a postnatal belly band designed for you and avoid dealing with postnatal belly fat!

Linda Voon
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