Mamaway Ring Sling fits daddy well

Dads Ring Sling

14 Mar Mamaway Ring Sling fits daddy well

Babies fill up a parent’s life with love, laughter and joy. They are full of energy and make you forget all the fast-paced . Often times, particularly during the postnatal period, moms are looking after the little munchkins and it can be tiresome. But, also dads jump in and help out in the journey.

With babywearing dads can also enjoy moments with their baby and still lend a hand at household chores and errands. A ring sling is a easy and user-friendly baby carrier that allows mom and dad to babywearing. It’s important to choose a ring sling that is built with a lot of thought and consideration, to have a stress free babywearing experience (I know all parents, dads and moms, at some point are worried about dropping baby). Some of the reasons why dads should use a ring sling include:

  • Bonding: You will be close to your baby with a ring sling and you can observe particular habits and nuances of baby you wouldn’t notice otherwise. It will help you form a special bond with your bundle of joy!
  • Prioritizing: You can lend a hand at parenting by carrying your little angel with a ring sling. After all parenting is a joint effort and your partner will appreciate the gesture along with your baby of course.
  • Caring: Your bundle of joy needs all the love and care as they enter this world. After child birth and pregnancy which have both taken a toll on moms body, she could use an extra hand. Babywearing with a ring sling is a win-win decision because this little gesture can go a long way with showing your care to both mom and baby.
  • Fashion: You may be worried that ring sling may not match your outfit there is nothing more fashionable than someone taking care of their baby. Plus ring slings come in all colors and you can buy it according to your preference.

Baby ring slings are a great product that helps you in your daily activities and there is no reason that dads should not be using it. Parenting is a process which requires decisions based on things that benefit both baby and parents. Comfort is something that should be considered with all products that involve babies and parents.

Do your homework and become educated on get the right ring sling for you. Then make use of the tutorials on how to use it and the different styles of carrying your baby. There is no place in the world that is safer than your dad’s arms (ok, maybe mom’s arms are equally safe). The best part about a ring sling is that they are one-size-fits-all product and both dads and moms can adjust it easily to use. You would be protecting your little ones and obviously would get to know about them more. Enjoy your time with your baby because they grow up so fast!

Linda Voon
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