COMMON MISTAKE OF BABY WEARING (a.k.a baby sling / baby carrier)

06 Feb COMMON MISTAKE OF BABY WEARING (a.k.a baby sling / baby carrier)

Baby wearing seems to be very simple (yeah it does look simple), and baby wearing (a.k.a baby sling / baby carrier) has been practicing by a great population of parents over the world. Some of them might find that it’s hard at the first time; and usually there are some common mistakes that parents made which they never realize about it.

For parents, making mistakes when carrying their baby in a baby sling or baby carrier can be dangerous which can cause discomfort, injury or even death.

So, there you go the common mistakes of baby wearing (a.k.a baby sling / baby carrier) which has been sorting out, is definitely worth the read for any new parents out there.

  1. Most of the parents couldn’t cuddle their baby properly, because the baby is too soft. They might afraid to hurt their So the first and the most important part is that you have to know how to hold your baby firmly before putting them into a baby sling.
  1. They didn’t put the baby correctly in the baby sling. The main thing is to make sure your baby is in the sling, then make sure the inner fabric near your tummy area is tighten after putting your baby in the sling.
  1. Wearing the baby too low. A low or wrong position of your baby in the sling is bad and could be dangerous, and it’s painful for parents as the support is inappropriate. Your baby’s head should be able to rest on your chest, right at the position where you can easily kiss your baby.
  1. Most of the moms are always too nervous to fall their babies, and they always elevate the baby, it causes the ring to loose! DO NOT elevate your baby in the sling too often, otherwise you will find the ring will be getting Give you a tip of mine, if you worrying about to drop your baby, check and put in your baby in a sitting position. Stand up after make sure every part is secure enough.


  1. Don’t forget to choose a baby sling or baby carrier with a breathable clothes ad when carrying a baby, your body will generate and transfer heat, so make sure the baby sling or carrier clothes is breathable enough, to avoid the baby to get overheating.
  1. Many parents tried baby wearing with a baby sling or baby carrier once or twice, and neither them or the baby not feeling comfortable with it. Please provide some time for the baby to get used to baby wearing; walk or sway around when you put your baby in, it helps the parents and the baby to get used to it.

There are a great variety of baby sling and baby carriers in the market, and u can pick a good quality one which can last for years, and can be use after your baby getting 2 or 3 years old. Make sure in avoiding the mistakes listed above, and have a happy parenting moment!

Linda Voon
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