Can you start babywearing a toddler?

Toddler Babyweaing

29 Jan Can you start babywearing a toddler?

Babywearing as the term denotes is definitely something you can engage in with babies. But, what if you stumbled upon babywearing after your little munchkin has become a toddler, can you start babywearing a toddler? As all things else the proverb – better late than never – applies to babywearing as well.

Yes, you can babywear your you baby into toddlerhood or start babywearing when your baby is a toddler. When you start babywearing an infant, it appears to be an easy transition because infants don’t have fully developed motor skills and they aren’t able to be physically fussy. The assumption is that toddlers are used to walking around on their own so why would they want to get held through babywearing. Well, the assumption isn’t entirely true.

Yes, toddlers might have moments in which they want to walk around. But, if you are a parent to a toddler you are well aware that there are times when your toddler wants you to carry them. Let’s face it, carrying a toddler is not easy and this is exactly when babywearing will come in handy. Especially when you’re out and about carrying a baby can further exhaust you.

Babywearing a toddler will take some getting used to, just like babywearing an infant takes some time to get familiar with. This should not hold you back from reaping the benefits of babywearing with your toddler. Below are a few reasons why babywearing a toddler might be worth it:

  • Babywearing is ergonomic and ensures you’re not exhausted when you hold on to your toddler, unlike carrying them or carrying around a cumbersome carrier.
  • Babywearing is comforting for your toddler because they feel a sense of security in your arms, particularly when they are unwell and need some cuddling.
  • Babywearing is calming for your toddler when they are tired, anxious and unable to express themselves.

Babywearing is a great way for parents to connect with their infants and toddlers while they go on with their business. In order to reap the maximum benefits from your babywearing product it is best to start when your baby is an infant. But, it’s never too late and you can certainly enjoy babywearing with your toddler. A mamaway ring sling is great for babywearing infants and toddlers because you can use it to carry upto 110 lbs.

Your toddler is not too old for some babywearing, hurry and enjoy embracing them while you can!

Linda Voon
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