Can baby face out when you’re babywearing?

Babywearing facing inward or outward

02 May Can baby face out when you’re babywearing?

Babywearing is a blessing to all the mothers in the world! Especially for the new moms, who don’t want to leave their babies facing the ceiling but also have to do household chores or office work, babywearing is truly the solution. Nowadays, it’s even easier for the moms because of multiple brands in markets that sell babywearing products. But babywearing has been practiced for centuries, and it is amazing that traditional slings and wraps are still used in many places. Modern or traditional, the main point of babywearing is you and your baby’s comfort. So, in terms of comfort, should you babywear facing your baby out or in? Can your baby face out when you’re babywearing?

Face out or face in?

Many moms ask this question… “Do I face the baby out or in?” and the answer is mostly in. Most people prefer the baby facing in because it avoids overstimulation but there really is a bigger problem with facing the baby out.

The most sticking argument supporting inward babywearing is that outward facing carriers do not have good support for the baby’s thighs. The thighs need to have appropriate support especially during the baby’s first six months to avoid hip dysplasia. Secondly, babies under three months of age must never be faced outward because it doesn’t ensure support to his neck, back and head, with chances of causing your baby’s inner thighs to chafe.

Facing in is just the right thing to do as long as you want to wear your baby. Outward facing causes discomfort not only to the babies but also to the moms. Many parents babywearing with baby facing out complain about an aching lower back. Really, the last you want after going through nine months of pregnancy is an aching back from babywearing your kid.

…But my baby wants to face out!

Babies, are curious and there is nothing more frustrating for them than to face them away from the world. Particularly when babies are about four months old, they want to see the world, and might not really like being faced towards the mommy or daddy’s chest or restricted to twisting their head to look around them at all the time. In such times, the only way to calm your baby is engage in babywearing with baby facing out for some time. Once in a while, you might just face your baby outward for baby to see the world. But keep in mind that it doesn’t really support the baby’s head or neck, and causes pressure on the groin area with no real support on the baby’s legs, unless you have a ring sling method. This will only make your baby crankier even if he enjoys looking at the world.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to put the baby into a habit of facing out. As there are plenty of inward facing comfortable positions for both you and your baby. Make sure your babywearing experience doesn’t hamper your back, or your baby’s discomfort. Happy babywearing!

If you want to try babywearing with a ring sling facing out then here is some help to get started:

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