Breastfeeding, Hunchback and Postnatal Belly Band

Breastfeeding Hunchback and Postnatal Bely Band

27 Jan Breastfeeding, Hunchback and Postnatal Belly Band

Being a mother brings a lot of emotional and physical changes in your life. While the joy of embracing your little munchkin is unmatched, the changes your body goes through for the little munchkin is undoubtedly a part of the journey. After carrying your baby for nine months and after giving birth you back is not at its optimal state. So, products like the postnatal belly bands are designed to strengthen and support your back during the postnatal recovery period. But the use of a postnatal belly band is not restricted to postnatal recovery. There is a relationship between breastfeeding, hunchback and postnatal belly band.

We have established that your postpartum body is in the process of recovery and your back and abdomen muscles are in the process of strengthening. A postnatal belly band helps the recovery and strengthening process but the plot thickens for moms who choose to nurse their little ones. With moms who choose breastfeeding there are two common positions:

  • Upright: When mom sits up, holds baby and breastfeeds.
  • Recline: When mom lies down, beside baby and breastfeeds.

Unless breastfeeding moms concentrate on their posture, breastfeeding is known to cause a hunchback. And a hunchback further exacerbates the strain on your back during the postpartum period. A hunchback triggered by prolonged periods of incorrect posture during breastfeeding not only causes back pain, it also causes discomfort around the shoulder areas. But the fact that your back is already at a frail state means that a breastfeeding hunchback is the last thing you want to deal with during the postpartum period. The good news is we’re done with the bad news and a postnatal belly band will come to your rescue.

A postnatal belly band helps with postnatal recovery in the following way:

  • Strengthening
  • Support
  • Posture

Posture is really the key here. Breastfeeding hunchback is often a result of prolonged periods of poor posture. Given that one of the key functions a postnatal belly band is to ensure proper posture, this could be the key in combating a breastfeeding hunchback. Furthermore, a postnatal belly band is a modern day and efficient version of belly binding, which will force you to maintain proper posture while your nurse your little angel.

If you are in your postpartum period, a postnatal belly band is sure to provide relief through posture, support and strengthening. However, if you choose to nurse your little one then a postnatal belly band can be of great help when you breastfeed your little one. A baby is a beautiful part of your life so make sure you invest in the right items to ensure you enjoy your journey of motherhood. A postnatal belly band is not a magic wand but it help smoothen the journey into motherhood by taking care of your physical recovery.

Linda Voon
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