Babywearing Facts

24 Feb Babywearing Fun Facts

With more and more parents being drawn to attachment parenting philosophy and babywearing there is a lot of information out there. However, sometimes it can be a lot to process so a nice list of facts can make a parent's life infinitely easier. Whether you...

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Ring Sling

19 Feb Nylon vs. Aluminum rings

If you choose to engage in babywearing with a ring sling then you most probably stumbled upon the two common types of rings: aluminum and nylon. The ideal ring is safe, smooth, strong, weld-free and fine in the washer and dryer. Nylon and aluminum rings weigh approximately...

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16 Feb Mamaway Postnatal Corset V.S. SRC Recovery Shorts

The article has reproduced with permission from Mumma Next Door SRC Recovery Shorts, Mamaway Postnatal Corset and Cesarean Recovery As my pregnancy was nearing the end, knowing I was about to have a planned elective cesarean I began to ask myself how am I going to recover...

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Hip dysplasia and babywearing

15 Feb Hip dysplasia and babywearing

As parents are understanding the benefits of babywearing more and more parents are choosing to engage in babywearing. If you have been reading about babywearing you may have stumbled upon the term hip dysplasia. So, what is the connection between hip dysplasia and babywearing? Given that...

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Babywearing the M Way

05 Feb Babywearing the M way

When we talk about babywearing ergonomics, it is applicable to the babywearing parent and baby. Just like the position of using your babywearing product is important, the position of your baby is equally important for an ergonomic babywearing experience. Baby needs to be in a...

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Babywearing Ergonomics

03 Feb Babywearing Ergonomics

If you are familiar with babywearing or the idea of attachment parenting, then you have most likely heard the word ergonomic.  There are multiple baby carrier options available in the market like: ring sling, wrap etcetera.  Often times the product description of reliable babywearing products...

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