Babywearing the M Way

05 Feb Babywearing the M way

When we talk about babywearing ergonomics, it is applicable to the babywearing parent and baby. Just like the position of using your babywearing product is important, the position of your baby is equally important for an ergonomic babywearing experience. Baby needs to be in a...

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Babywearing Ergonomics

03 Feb Babywearing Ergonomics

If you are familiar with babywearing or the idea of attachment parenting, then you have most likely heard the word ergonomic.  There are multiple baby carrier options available in the market like: ring sling, wrap etcetera.  Often times the product description of reliable babywearing products...

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3-in-1 Mamaway Down Jacket

25 Jan Down Jacket designed for Moms

Winter can be cold and bitter but that shouldn't stop you from stepping outside the house. When you do decide to step out, you need the right winter gear. If you're pregnant or recently gave birth, then getting the right winter gear to keep you...

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