Benefits of using baby slings

23 Jul Benefits of using baby slings

Back in the days, a sling is the best tool to take care of many kids simultaneously. You have a free pair of hands to do house chores, farming, cooking and take care of other elder kids! A sling can create the most similar womb-like environment, holding the babies tightly, feeling the mothers’ heartbeat, temperature. Baby grows safely on the mother’s back, as well as developing a sense of security when covered by the sling.

From the modern medical perspective, Dr. Andrew Dodge, who specializes in chiropractic, (currently resides in West Virginia) had summarised the various benefits of using slings:


  1. Cry less

Babies’ have less intense muscles, have a better temper, cry less, and easier to fall asleep when they are covered in the sling. It is recommended that you start using it within the first month after your delivery.


  1. Learn more

Babies spend more time in a quiet alert state when carried – the ideal state for learning. When carried, your baby sees the world from where you do. Compare to sitting in a stroller or seat carrier looking at the ceiling or staring at people’s knees, this extra stimulation benefits brain development.Mother doing housework with baby

  1. Feel safe

You can use this product with newborns. Being carried will make the babies recall the rhythm and tempo when they are still in the mother’s womb. This will make the babies feel safe and secure.


  1. Easy nursing

Facilitate and improve baby’s feeding posture while increasing the frequency of breastfeeding; more ideal for the weight increase. Use it as a nursing blanket when you’re out from home.

  1. Ease the strain

The sling eases the strain on yours and the baby’s spine. By distributing the pressure across your back, carrying became lighter and easier. Your hands are free to take care of your other child and complete other house chores.


Free your hands to take care of your other child.

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