Back Health and Ring Sling

Back Health & Ring Sling

30 Oct Back Health and Ring Sling

Being a parent comes with a lot of enjoyment and responsibility. Often new parents feel the need to shower their little one with every possible thing under the sun. With hands-on parenting trends being on the rise, traditional practices such as babywearing and nursing are also on the rise. There are lots of babywearing options, but an ergonomic ring sling is a list topper among popular babywearing choices. The ease and comfort of babywearing through an ergonomic ring sling is making ring slings a trend catching on fire. But like every story there is your side, the research side and the popular side. There are misconceptions that back health and ring slings don’t go well together. Let’s debunk that myth.

The most popular back health and ring sling question is: Do ring slings cause back and spinal issues for babywearing parents?

To answer this question we need to first understand the mechanics of a ring sling. An ergonomically designed ring sling wraps around your back and prominent shoulder. In this process, the weight is evenly distributed across your back and shoulder, eliminating any pressure points. As a result the baby weight does not stress your back or your shoulders. To top it off ergonomic ring slings make sure there are no posture struggles and discomfort for mommy and daddy. So long story short, the right kind of ergonomic ring sling should not trigger back health issues.

Also, make sure that you’re wearing your ring sling adequately. Though ring slings are extremely easy to navigate once you get a hang of it, the first few times require a little more attention. It’s important to make sure you build on good ring sling habits early on, to avoid any possible issues such as back pain.

Now that it’s clear that ergonomic ring slings don’t cause back pain that’s one myth debunked. The biggest concern regarding back health and ring sling is for people with existing back issues. Can I wear a ring sling if I have back issues?

This is a trickier and more sensitive topic of discussion. Before we get into any detail, people with preexisting back health issues need to consult a doctor before engaging in babywearing. The last thing you want to do is sacrifice your health and be in pain when you embrace your little munchkin. But, the good news is there might be alternatives your doctors can suggest. Again, it all depends on the severity of your pain and diagnosis. While, an ergonomic ring sling is among the more comfortable babywearing experiences, with even weight distribution across the back and shoulders, it’s always good to be safe. So, this is not actually a myth and whether or not your can babywear through a ring sling depends on the severity of your back condition.

Since we touched upon the possibility of back pain with incorrect use of ring sling. Let’s elaborate on the topic, because it is another popular back health and ring sling debate. What are things to keep in mind to avoid back pain from ring sling?

  • To avoid lower back pain, make sure the ring sling is tight (with your baby breathing easily of course). This way your baby will be secured and you won’t have to deal with your baby’s weight bringing you down.
  • Make sure you invest in an ergonomic ring sling, which evenly distributes weight across you back and shoulders.
  • Don’t get too creative with your ring sling stick with popular uses to make sure you and your baby are comfortable.

Whether you have back health issues or if you want to avoid back pain from ring slings, you should be mindful of the problems and solutions. As a mommy or daddy you should assess the points above and keep them in mind for a pain-free and enjoyable ring sling babywearing experience. Last thing you want to say is to be in pain when your little munchkin is wrapped and secured in a ring sling. It’s simply to avoid back health and ring sling problems if you’re careful. Just like any other choice in life, be mindful of the tried and tested tips and embark on a happy and healthy ring sling journey.

Linda Voon
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