Babywearing when you’re pregnant: is it possible?

Babywearing and pregnancy

18 Mar Babywearing when you’re pregnant: is it possible?

Babywearing is a practical trend that is gaining popularity because it is known to have many benefits. The most important and noteworthy benefit is that sling babies are found to be more content. Babies that are worn are more content because they cry less. One thing you do not want when you are pregnant is for your toddler to give you a hard time by crying. But, what about babywearing when you’re pregnant: is it possible?

Taking care of baby can be tiring and being pregnant just adds to your bodily strain. Holding baby in your arms is tiring and adds up to your physical strain. So, babywearing your baby when you are pregnant is just the solution!

If you used to wear your baby before your pregnancy, it must not be a problem to do that while you are pregnant. Just make sure you do not experience any kind of unusual pain while using babywearing carriers. To avoid feeling of discomfort and aching body, first, spend some time choosing the right carrier for you.

Choose the right carrier for you! Let’s start with a list of carriers you should avoid:

  1. The biggest no-no when considering babywearing while pregnant is front pack babywearing. This gives a significant amount of pressure to the belly as the entire weight of the baby falls on it.
  2. Other carriers that you should not use while pregnant are the kinds that have thin straps.
  3. Carriers that are not ergonomic can be a problem as most women suffer from hip and back problems when pregnant.

If you are unsure about this, consult your doctor about babywearing and you can feel comfortable about your decision.

Back carriers are the most comfortable ones for pregnant mothers. The back position works great as it puts no pressure on the belly. Particularly an ergonomic ring sling works wonders. Ring slings are great until the time you are seven months pregnant. After seven months, however, the ring slings can get uncomfortable and may cause discomfort. However, you should stop babywearing earlier if you feel any discomfort or if your doctor suggests otherwise.

After choosing the right carrier, use it as long as it gives you comfort. So, you can engage in babywearing when you’re pregnant just monitor how you feel and take required safety precautions! 

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