Babywearing the M way

Babywearing the M Way

05 Feb Babywearing the M way

When we talk about babywearing ergonomics, it is applicable to the babywearing parent and baby. Just like the position of using your babywearing product is important, the position of your baby is equally important for an ergonomic babywearing experience. Baby needs to be in a position that is comfortable and orthopedically recommended. Babywearing the M way is not only comfortable for baby but also recommended.

What is babywearing the M way? The M position or the froggy position consists of the following basic things:

  • Baby is facing your chest and placed in a frog like position
  • Baby’s chin needs to be above baby’s chest at all times 
  • Baby’s knees need to be above baby’s behind
  • Baby needs to be facing right or left so there is proper air passage

While babywearing the M way, it is ensured that baby is engaging in babywearing the ergonomic way. Furthermore, baby will get to reap the benefits of babywearing in a comfortable position. As a parent the thought of ensuring your baby is reaping the most benefits in a M position is not only rewarding but also satisfying. While baby gets to enjoy the comfort and security of being close to their parent’s heart beat, they can also be comfortable in their parent’s embrace.

Babywearing is also something that becomes intuitive with practice. So, make sure you watch the following video and to ensure you’re comfortable with babywearing the M way.

Enjoy babywearing in a comfortable ergonomic position for both you and baby!


Linda Voon
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